Thursday, January 22, 2009

Learning about the Solar System

We do a Mom's preschool in our complex. There are 4-5 kids in our class. Today was my turn to teach, and we learned about the solar system. Well, mostly we just played around. Here is what I did! 

The kids entered and went directly to Naomi's room which was our Sunshine Preschool NASA Space Training Facility. There they received their special edition personalized helmets and jet packs. After we discussed what we were going to do, we then boarded the space shuttle to prepare for blast off. Pictured below is Naomi in her gear in front of our space shuttle. (A card table turned upside down with a sheet rubbered banded on top.) Robin and I pushed them down the hallway on their journey to the moon!
From 2009

From 2009

From 2009

From 2009

From 2009

Gwen and Julia were our junior cadets!

It was all really easy to do! I used 
empty water jugs, cut off the handle 
and top areas then duct taped like mad!
The flag and NASA symbol I found on
the internet and printed on regular
paper. Then I used packing tape to stick
them on. The jet packs were soda bottles.
Thanks to Tim and Tracy and roommates
for emptying those for us!! 2 soda bottles
per child once again duct taped like mad!
The straps were just duct tape that I
folded in half on itself and taped under
the mad duct taping!

So once they finished their journey to the
moon they got out and jumped on my bed
that I had pushed into the living room to
"walk on the moon". I hung all the planets
in our living room so we could discuss each
From 2009

Simply printed the planets on paper and then
glued them onto both sides of a paper plate.

For our snack, we had Uncrustables PB&J
because they are shaped like flying saucers.


Then some of the remaining orange soda,

which should have been TANG. And each 

kid had a pudding in a Ziploc. We cut off a

corner so they had to squeeze it into their

mouths like those freeze dried ice creams.


It was quite the fun day!!! Now do any of them

remember anything about the planets?

Probably not!


Beth said...

You are so creative!!!! Lucky kiddos!

Ellis Family said...

Sounds like a blast!

JoDee said...

I love how you go totally ALL OUT in everything you do! What a creative fun day! I am so impressed.

Janadt.Huggins said...

Carrie that is seriously the coolest lesson EVER. You are oober creative. I can't wait to try it out on Elliot and friends in a few years.

Jennifer said...

You should be a party planner. For reals.

If the kids don't remember anything about planets, they will remember that they LOVE science!

Jessica said...

you are amazing! i only wish i could be half as cool of a mom some day. how lucky are your kids!!

Alan and Kiersten said...

you are the coolest mom EVER! talk about creative! and holy cute picture at the top! i LOVE it! i bet the kids loved the lesson!

Chanda said...

I adore your new header picture. And your lesson rocked.

Janine said...

So awesome!

Robin said...

My kids tell everybody they went to the moon, as for the planets, well- you probably already know:)
And yes, they still wear their space gear.