Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh What To Do...

So I am planning my cousin Natalie's Utah Bridal shower. I've got everything in order! Its so exciting! Anyway, I need help with the menu. Particularly, I think, reining things in. Its a brunch so its going to be breakfast-y type foods. Here is what I got...

Fruit Tray with that yummy yogurt dip
Mini Cinnamon buns
Mini Muffins
Pigs in a blanket
Mini quiche
Mini Cheesecake
Mini cream puffs

Now all of these things with exception to the bagels and mini cinnamon buns I have found in bulk at Sams. I'm aware that not all of these items are necessary so what should I cut out? If anything? 

If I should keep all of these items should I serve mustard to go with the pigs? And what do people like to put on bagels and croissants? Of course the typical cream cheese for bagels, but what else? And what are the best kinds of cream cheeses I should provide? Thanks a bunch!


Alison said...

I think it sounds perfect! ;) Did you find the mini quiches at sams too?

I don't think that you would need to serve mustard with the pigs, they tastes asmazing plain.

I think that you could use the same things on the croissants that you could use on the bagels. THey have SOO many different flavors of cream cheese now and strawberry and blueberry are my favorites. :D

If you need anything else, let me know! Love you!

Jennifer said...

It all sounds wonderful. I probably would not do both bagels and croissants, and I would probably not do cheesecake as well as cream puffs, but who is going to complain about more dessert? Whatever you do it will be really yummy and lovely.

Oh - I like mustard on my pigs, but I don't think I'd stage a coup over it. Cream cheeses - what about a plain, a fruit (or two) and maybe a savory? And if you have croissants, nutella might be good, and butter and jams. I think I'm making this more complicated. The problem is that now I am hungry.

Chanda said...

You're so lucky--I've yet to plan a shower. I agree with what Jen said.