Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Snow and More Snow

This is the entrance to our apartment.
From 2008
THat pile of snow is up to my eyeballs at least!
From 2008

This is all piled along the sidewalk in front of our 
From 2008


Jennifer said...


Jessica said...

oh wow thats a lot for sure. i wish i had gotten some when i was on the east coast. it was warm there and then cold in houston when we got back.just my luck

Jessica said...

and i forgot to tell you thank you for your cute picture of your girls! i loved it. i got it in the mail today..well i got the mail today so i got it sometime over the time i was gone

Alison said...

Yuck! And I'll be there in a week. Maybe, just maybe if I am lucky enough, it won't be too bad when we are up there.

JoDee said...

Wow! Good old Utah. We are having snow tonight - probably have about 3 inches outside and we already have an email that church has been cancelled tomorrow. It's crazy here - snowy weather just freaks everyone out! Your new header picture is SO adorable! I want to see a pic with your new hairdo!