Friday, January 16, 2009

Natalie's Bridal Shower

I think Natalie's shower went quite well! I had a lot of fun at least! I, naturally, had too much food, but who complains about that? And I only got a few pictures before my camera ran out of batteries! Blah! So here is what I have.

The Food
From Natalie's Bridal Shower
Check it, I made my own Strawberry Lemonade
from scratch! I think it was a hit!

We did a quiz about Natalie and Wes and had all of 
the guests fill out advice for the bride and groom!

Natalie's booty and the favors.

Pretty Natalie, isn't Wes lucky?
I can't wait to have a nice big house to do stuff 
like this is so that we don't have to do it in the 
blah church rooms! If had enough money I would 
have covered the wall entirely!

Ya know what I did not get a picture of is Natalie 
and Wes's new Volkswagon GTI with 
the plaid seats! So jealous! They had a cute 
little vinyl lettering on the back that said
"Today I married my best friend!" So cute!

JoAnn getting her Toilet Paper Wedding Dress on.

Working on more Toilet Paper Dresses - 
my girls were there and I think next 
time we should do Toilet Paper Flower girl dresses

I love this one! That is Wes's sister Hollie 
in the dress with Wes's Mom up on the 
chair fixing her bow! They really went all out! It was fun!
At some point before they got this far along,
Wes's mom said something about having some
boobage showing. I loved that she said boobage!!

Jennifer's Wedding Dress

JoAnn's Pretty Wedding Dress

I made them walk in their dresses! haha! 
I was nice enough to give them tape, but 
then they had to walk!

Natalie's choice for winner!

JoAnn walking down the "aisle"

Wes's sister Laney
So after I ran out of camera, we opened her presents and
made her cute & mandatory bow hat! They got lots of Legos!
While Natalie opened the presents I kept a record of 
everything she said so we could read it back as if it 
were her honeymoon night!
Mine and Alison's favorite was "That could take us probably
hours." Speaking of her legos! =O)

I'm so excited for Wes and Natalie! I think they make a cute
couple. I like Wes a lot! and so does Brian!! (Wes is a car guy)
It was really fun to see Uncle Tim and JoAnn and their family!
So glad that Alison was there to help out with the foods!
And it was so nice to meet Wes's family - who I like a lot!


Chanda said...

Oh I wish I could have been there! You did such a nice job Carrie. Happy Wedding Natalie!

Jessica said...

Carrie you did an amazing job! Everything was so cute! Im glad you guys had fun. Take lots more pictures of everything for me!

Jennifer said...

It looks like so much fun! I love the flower pom-poms hanging from the ceiling. You did an awesome job - it's so lovely.

Alan and Kiersten said...

that food looks YUMMY carrie! what a fun shower!

Alison said...

Carrie, you did such an amazing job! The food was great, the games were fun and the lemonade was AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for doing that for natalie and for posting these pics. I might put some more up when I get home!