Friday, November 21, 2008

Vivid Memories

Last night I lay awake remembering some of those vivid moments from life. I was kind of in awe at the fact that some of them can replay just like a movie would: slow motion, zoomed in, music playing. I thought it might be fun (mostly for me) to relive the moments I remember vividly when Brian and I first started dating.  I still like talking about it! It was a fun part of my life. 6 years later I still like to talk about it, I just feel like people don't want to listen that far back and certainly not in that much detail! So you should share some of your favorite memories on your blogs for me to read. I like to hear stories too!

We met at 17 and that story is a whole different blog, maybe for next week's storytelling time. We didn't date until after his mission. I just remember being around him always made me feel cooler than I actually was. I always looked forward to him being at an activity at church or when we'd get together as friends. We went on one date before his mission and that was only because the rest of the group canceled. I had already driven an hour to go see a movie with everyone so Brian and I went to T.G.I.Fridays. While I was at his house I remember being sat down by his parents because I must see the recent wedding photos, Andy and Jen and then Chanda and Morgan. So funny huh? That was the first time I'd met his family. At Friday's we shared a dessert that I can't remember what it was, but I remember it was good and we both raved about it! Then our first date - we watched Mystery Men! Haha!

Anyway, we wrote throughout his mission once and awhile, nothing serious ever. At one point towards the end of his mission I got a letter from him with a picture in it. Something about this picture made me decide to carry it around with me for the rest of the time he was on his mission. I didn't actively decide this, I just did it. At the same time I was dating another boy, but I knew from that picture that I couldn't marry the guy I was currently dating so I broke up with him. Yes I broke up with someone for Brian while he was on his mission with no word from Brian's side of the situation. The thought was there though - I could marry Brian. I don't have that picture on my computer, but look at this one for fun!

One sweet memory, that is sweeter looking back because I didn't even notice it at the time, was when he called my dorm number soon after he got home it had been changed. I had moved off campus. He proceeded to call random numbers on campus trying to find someone who knew me. He finally found one girl who knew of me and said she would give me a message to call him. (I never got the message) I did, however, receive an email from him the next day with all of his information to call him. I did not have internet at my house at the time so I was in the library and gasped loudly when I saw it was an email from him. I ran home and called him - I have no idea what we could have talked about! 

So at the time his family had moved to PA. I was down in VA going to school. I went to his homecoming party as a friend the entire time. After talking and talking on the phone and through emails, we met up again. This time I took my group of friends and he brought his entourage with him. I knew 2 of them, but most of them were girls. Anyway, we met in Baltimore at the Harbor. I love that place for more reasons than one! I still remember his bears hugs! He gave them to everyone, but they made me feel special anyway. 

Here is one of those movie moments:   the first time we held hands.
We were pushing through a group of people trying to get out of a sports dinner or something like that. He casually reaches back and grabs my hand. Here is where the slow motion starts and the camera zooms! Now I still remember it exactly! And I remember feeling like a little leprechaun was dancing in my hand with excitement. Though I wanted to stay holding hands with him, I also wanted to run into the ocean and splash around with joy! We remained holding hands the rest of the day - more so I think we held hands the rest of the time we were dating and engaged and for the first entire year of our marriage. We wouldn't let go. He even found a way to shift while driving while still holding my hand. So silly! I still remember how that felt back then, the way he held my hand, the fun when our knees would touch while sitting down, whispering to each during movies. 

Another movie memory is our first kiss. Same day in Baltimore. We decide its time to leave, hug and part ways. His group tells him that they won't take him home unless he goes back to kiss me. I never expected him to kiss me because I know how much of a wimp he is! So here I am standing at a street corner waiting for the light to change so I can cross, excited over the days events, chattering with my friends about how cool it is. I say aloud, "I wish he would come back!" And as I turn to look back I see him running, literally running, across a small field. He picks me up kisses me and spins me around! Can you see the movie? Baltimore Harbor, on a street corner with cars zooming past, my two friends awwing in the background. I think instead of zoom in here we would zoom out to get the grand scope of things! 

Anyway, enough storytelling for today. Back to the real world! Tell me some of your stories!


LeslieK said...

I love that you guys actually have a story! I've thought about doing mine and Keith's, but it's quite lame...I like yours better! You guys were (and still are) so cute!

PS I hope you're still enjoying The Office =)

Beth said...

I love your story! I've heard parts of it but I never heard your first kiss story! It's pretty much my dream! And at the know how I feel about the harbor. Thanks for sharing your memories! I LOVE those moments when everything seems so vivid in your mind that you can literally feel the exact emotion you felt at the time. I love it & you!!

Jessica said...

what a great story. I love driving around that area and especially the drive down to SVU-so pretty. I had never heard your story before. What I heard was Brian got married to someone from Vineland and that he had a kid-I was shocked. And then I saw you guys at my last girls camp in NJ and I was shocked further because I was seeing him married-with a baby. A BABY! Brian with a BABY. Crazy!! And then I turn out and marry his brother and you become my sister in law. I love it!!! and I love you!- and your story-love all around!

Morgan said...

Thanks for sharing Carrie. So cute. Very romantic. I love those how I met and wedding stories. -Chanda

jeanine said...

I love hearing this story... especially from your side! I remember getting bits and pieces from Buggles. You guys are so perfect for each other!

Janell said...

love love love it!! You guys are so cute!! Keep that fire going you two!