Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alone for a week

It wasn't until yesterday when I read on my sister-in-law's post about her husband being away and feeling lonely that I realized that Brian had just left for an entire week! He left yesterday to go to Las Vegas for SEMA and a job interview. SEMA is the most gigantic car show I've heard of anyway. He has wanted to go every year that we've lived here and since this is our last year here, it was his last chance. He went to stay with his uncle Dave with some friends from school. 

I just thought it was really weird that it didn't hit me that he was going away. He has only left us for 1 week before. I was pregnant with Gwen then, but was lucky enough to have my mom living down the road. I spent most of my time there so I wasn't Alone. So this is our first official time alone, first time alone with 2 girls too. Yet the prospect of being alone never hit me. Weird huh? 

I think I turned off my brain and still have it off. I don't seem to mind, and that is very unlike me. Especially since I work 20 hours a week now. AND this week I teach preschool! Plus Naomi has a practice for Primary Presentation on Saturday. I just find it extremely weird that I am not freaking out more.

Last night was fine. Naomi and Gwen both went to sleep really well. I made my preschool lesson up. Watched a little TV. Went to bed on my own. I felt a little nervous going to bed, but then fell right asleep. Gwen came into bed with me at 5am, then Naomi at around 7am. When I woke up they were on the other side of the bed from me with Naomi's arm around Gwen. Very cute, wish I had a camera in bed! 

So we'll see how tonight goes... 

P.S. I've also been really bad lately about commenting on other people's blogs. I don't know why that is, but I'll try to be better!


Jennifer said...

Gifts of the spirit my sista!

Andy's been gone for a week a few times. It actually was different than I expected. Being on my own in the evening, I got to do whatever I wanted, and that was pretty nice.

Of course, once he's home I need a big ol' break. And I usually sleep on the couch when he's gone. I feel more connected to the kids that way since they are way upstairs.

Good luck!

Jessica said...

Craig hasnt taken a leave of absense from me yet but Im sure that its not easy. Let me know if you want to chat on the phone-Ive just got a fat face, time on my hands, and itll be fun talking to me while on drugs-I promise!!!