Tuesday, November 25, 2008

From 2008
Naomi's preschool group visiting the fire station.
Starting with the cute little blond who has to pee: Katelyn, 
Eliza. Sam, Andre, Emily, Naomi, Israel, Travis, Jeremy
In front is Marie and Yael with his back to us.
From 2008
Boy, this was a hard day on Gwenie! Look, two shopping bags! haha. 
They are actually See's chocolate bags from the chocolate expo.
From 2008
We went back to Gardner Village this time to see the 
Elf decorations. Brian was busy so it was just Naomi, 
Gwen and I. We met up with some of our friends.
Naomi with the creepy elves.
From 2008
Reid, Gage and Gwen
From 2008
This is what happened to Gwen's snack from Gardner Village. It was just an M&M cookie, 
I don't know where all the chocolate came from!
From 2008

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