Thursday, November 6, 2008

Completely forgot about Trick or Treating

Trick or treating was pretty fun with both girls. Brian and I dressed up too for some reason, but the instant I left the house I realized that I didn't have to dress up for trick or treating. Its not FOR ME! Anyway, so I felt a little dumb crossing in front of the Provo Temple wearing a Cruella Deville costume. AwfuL! We went outside of Wymount for a few houses. Brian wanted to stop at a professors house that was just across on the other side of the temple. We are directly south of it. Anyway, we walked over there and the VERY first house we stop at the worst happens. Naomi is so happy and excited so she walks up the house by herself and knocks. I see a man running to the door and putting on a coat. I think to myself how nice that he is getting dressed up just to hand out the candy. THEN, the door opens and he jumps out and growls at Naomi with a mask on. She screams, turns around and in an infantile voice yells "mommy" and runs back to me at the end of the walk. Seriously if I could go back in time I would have walked up to that man and beaten him! He was small, I could have taken him! Idiot! Brian was on the phone so did nothing.  I gave him an evil look and we moved on with our terrified little girl. She cried all the way to the next house and wouldn't even knock. After a few very sweet and nice old ladies she was back into the trick or treat mode. Though she is still asking me why that mean man wanted to scare people. I'm just glad she realizes it was a man! I know where he lives, and I keep thinking I want to write him a letter just to get it off my chest because it is eating me up! 

Still, she got tons of candy! And the girl doesn't even like candy! So she ate about 4 things and now I don't know what to do with all the candy! 

Brian and I were actually invited to a party on Halloween night. So Brian's mom stayed home with the sleeping girls, and we went to a costume party at 9pm! It was fun! I was a good guest and brought a pie. I didn't know a single person at the party though so I spent the entire time listening to Brian talk to a Mechanical Engineering major about performance of various motorcycles. When asked if I had a good time, my comment was "I didn't not have a good time." What else can I say? At least I got out for the night!

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jeanine said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe that guy! At least she didn't let it freak her out for the rest of the night. I think William would have been traumatized for life!