Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to the family Mr. Bear!

From 2008
My Aunt Cindy sent Naomi and Gwen this adorable talking bear. They were so excited 
and each wanted to hug it! It tells us the Night Before Christmas story. So cute!

From 2008
Naomi needed to pose with him.

From 2008
You can't see it, but Gwen is putting her fingers in his mouth. His lips move while he talks.
This is sad, but funny. It scares Yael to see it talking! He backs away so quickly with his 
eyes as wide can be! It makes me laugh!

Here's a cute blast from the past. This was taken January 2008.

From 2008
The Change is amazing!

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Mallory said...

Your girls are so adorable! Love the blog :)