Friday, July 25, 2008

There is nothing I love more than a party!!!

As some of you may know, I love parties! Its a decorating outlet for me! I'm too poor to redecorate my house per season so....I plan parties! I get so excited for holidays too! Just the idea that Halloween is 3 months away sends tingles all over me! Then Christmas! Whoo! But in just a week now is Gwen's party! So I have already started the decorations. 

These are the flowers I will be placing around the house for color.

Everyone gets to take home a favor! Two Lindor chocolate truffles inside!

I'm trying really hard to keep myself from putting up the streamers now! haha! I know I'd get tired of them by the party if I did it now. Last year Halloween was up for an entire month and I was itching to take it all down - mostly so I could put up the Thanksgiving stuff!! I never do get tired of the Christmas stuff though - that should stay up all year - it makes the home so warm and cozy feeling!

Some about the little sweeties!

Gwen has a new hobby. She knows how to get her own food. She goes into our pantry and pulls out a box of whatever she might want. Usually she will just shove her hand in and eat that, but lately we have been getting this...

The other day she decided she wanted a granola bar, but she can't open them by herself so she crawled over to me with bar in hand, stands up next to me, and throws it at me! It was a pretty hard throw too. I didn't realize at the time exactly what she wanted so I just set it down. She picked it up again and threw it at me again! We laughed to realize how persistent she is about things. At least she knows what she wants.

She still is not walking - though I do catch her taking 4-5 steps by herself from the couch to the chair. She won't do it when people are watching. I know its still within normal time frame - its just frustrating because Naomi walked at 10 months! 

Naomi has been wanting a Tutu lately. Sesame Street did a segment on ballerinas. I told her she could have one for her birthday, but Daddy thought it just wasn't fair to make her wait until her birthday for a Tutu. So here is Naomi in her Tutu.

You can't really tell, but I cut Naomi's hair! Its all straight across at the bottom, and its still WAY too long! But at least its trimmed up - boy was it terrifying!


Jennifer said...

Your blog matches your living room!

The party stuff all looks so cute! We are SO opposite; I don't decorate for holidays at all! It's almost more than I can handle to have a 4 foot prelit Christmas tree! I LOVE holidays, don't get me wrong. So, I'd love to be around to see your house holidayed out!

Alan and Kiersten said...

you're such a creative mom! i love it! i'm going to hire you to throw my kid's parties! lol! love you! your girls are beautiful!!

Beth said...

This post is dripping with cuteness. I love it. Can't wait to hear all about the party!