Friday, July 18, 2008

My Educational Options

These are the things I am thinking about doing - educationally speaking. 

The easiest option - yet the one I want to do the LEAST is to take my 3-4 online courses and revise an essay on Victorian Poetry that I wrote 6 years ago. This would finish up my Liberal Arts Degree at SVU. I, however, do not WANT a liberal arts degree anymore!


I could start a new major. Here are the ones I would possibly want to do. I know there is no common theme between them!

Physiology and Developmental Biology
Interior Design/Decorating

So I just found a program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh that they off entirely through online courses! The very good thing about it (besides being online) is that I could do a one year Residential Planning Diploma. Residential Planning would allow me to be a Interior Designers assistant. The beauty of that is that if in one year I want to continue into the Interior Design Bachelor all of the classes would count towards the Bachelors! So....maybe that is what I'll do! Then depending on how I like it in one year I could continue onward with it - or stop and then in a few years pick up the Developmental Biology major wherever we might be! Cool!


Jennifer said...

I'm impressed at your variety of interests! You will be successful at any of them, of course. It may sound irresponsible, but I say go with what makes you happiest (prayerfully, of course).

Janell said...

Okay, so I say follow one of your dreams!! The one that first comes to mind is Interior Design and if you could do it all from home and then use it in and out of your home it would be great! I think you would be very successful at it, you are good a decorating and planning. Hey I'd hire you!!

JoDee said...

Good for you for jumping into this again! It looks like you've found some really great options - good luck deciding what the best fit is. You'll be great at whatever you decide!

Joe said...

hey, by the way how would you finish your svu degree online? through them or someone else?

Carrie said...

I only have to do 3 more classes so I would do BYU Online courses and then transfer them to SVU.