Monday, July 14, 2008

I made this!

I want the girls to wear these headbands for Gwen's Birthday Party! I thought of buying them for like $20, but then I rethought and this was definitely under $1!

Both wearing their cute headbands!

Gwen being sneaky!

This is what happens when you tell Naomi to look into the camera!

Gwen was just laying on pooh and watching the TV! She's a crack up!


Beth said...

Cute kids! Cute headbands! You are amazing!!

Jennifer said...

Superadorable! I mean the headbands and your kids, of course. Gwen's thighs! I'm STILL amazed at how much lighter NayNay's hair is compared to Gwen!

Joan said...

These are fantastic! Way to go, you crafty thing, you! :)

Janell said...

How did you make them? They look great! I have some stuff to make the ones with the knee highs, but I have never seen green knee highs!! Hahaha! That would be great though! Good job! You've always been so good at making things look good and well done.