Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tagged by Chanda - so much pressure because she is so much more interesting than me! =o)

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1. My two little girls - who are both still my babies even though Naomi is almost 4!
2. My husband. He's the only person I can talk to - pretty much ever! He has a very quirky personality that is unbeknownst to MOST.
3. Parties of course! But mostly during the planning phases - so maybe I enjoy planning or organizing more. 

1. Being alone even though I'm surrounded by a bunch of people. Ya know, having acquaintances but no real friends.
2. My children growing up - the idea that really bad things could happen in their lives. I'm afraid someone will steal them or harm them beyond repair. Also, what sort of neuroses will I be passing on to them?
3. The thought of dying a long and painful death caused most particularly by a disease - especially the thought that maybe I could be dying already. Cancer to be specific.

1. Finish a degree or perhaps a few! I'm trying to convince myself that it would be ok to be self educated - its not working!
2. Be a better mom - be more involved and plan really fun things for them to do so they aren't bored of me all of the time.
3. Lose weight and get fit. Brian says it should just be get fit - but I have to lose the weight before I can get fit.

Current obsessions:
1. Planning Gwen and Naomi's birthday parties.
2. Focusing on reading more - I've got quite a list to cross off.
3. My calling at church  - Visiting Teaching Leader - its ALL that I think about when I'm not planning the girls parties.
4., I'm trying to work into all of our lives the proper portions and correct foods for each of our ages and stages. It is so hard to coordinate 3 varying food schedules and quantities!

1. Someday I want to be known for making the best cupcakes - that is taking some doing, hopefully someday! I refuse to make a cake out of a box!
2. I eat, sleep, and breathe decorating in all sorts of scenarios. I'm currently redoing the girls room for as cheap as possible! I wish I knew more about designing houses because I really want to have my dream home all mapped out for whenever that time comes.
3. I'd love to learn more about photography! 

Let's see I tag...Rachel, Janell, Chelle, Beth, Janine

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Beth said...

YESS! As I was reading this I was like, hmm I'm going to steal this even if Care doesn't tag me. Thanks for tagging me!! (Or some other Beth that I am pretending is me...)