Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting


I made this cake today to practice for the cake I want to make for Gwen's birthday party. I actually made the frosting from scratch! This is the closest I have ever gotten to a decent looking cake. Some of them look ok, and a little appetizing, but this one is a whole step closer!

Now that we have tasted it, I just need to find some nice people to give it away to! I don't want to eat it, I just want to practice and get better at decorating them. I don' know that I really even like cake that much!



nice cake but why the crap weren't you at the SVU BBQ?!?!?! i was SOOOO looking forward to seeing you!!! :( sad day!

Heather & Trevor said...

MMMMM, can I have some!?! That looks delic! I am glad you are planning early cuz parties can really sneak up on you! :) I can't believe Gwen is almost one! Crazy! :) I remember going on our visits just last year with your cute little tummy. Good times! Miss you! :)

Sarah Kay said...

That looks great!

Jennifer and Lance said...

hey carrie! the cake looks soooo yummy. i am so happy to see your blog. lance and i have one now at our baby girl hasn't yet come, she's due in 2 days now. i guess we'll just have to wait it out. :)

love ya,

John and Chantalle Bishop said...

Hi! That cake looks awesome :) I'm glad I found you guys!

Morgan said...

Practice all you want during our wont have to eat a bite and you wont have to give any away. I've been known to eat a little cake here and there. ;)