Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Crock Pot Cooking

So I am suddenly addicted to the idea of using the crock pot for everything. I am working on converting some dishes to the crock pot. Hopefully it will work! Anyway, I found some easy crock pot websites that I have now listed in my Fave Stuff links. Check them out! 

So the Hawaiian chicken was really good. Brian thought it was too ketchup-y so I am going to try to halve the ketchup next time and add some teriyaki sauce. I liked it as is. The coconut macaroon brownies were good, but not as pictured so I was disappointed. I changed out the brownies for a mix though so that may be part of it - ? I will try them again though because I enjoyed the taste. The coconut instead of being a nice layer in the middle sunk to the bottom of the brownie layer. I personally think I needed like twice as much coconut! 

Tonight we are doing Roasted Red Pepper Chicken also by my sister-in-law Chanda. No dessert tonight - we are trying to cut down! But the chicken I am going to attempt in the crock pot. Hopefully all will go well tonight for dinner!

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