Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Idea

I have an idea for a menu planner/meal tracker program. I have it all drawn up so it could be translated into a computer program by anyone who might know how to do it. Mostly I want it for myself, but I think it could actually be pretty useful to other families. Does anyone know what I should do next? 

Its pretty cool, I think. You can input your own recipes, then print them for use, or add it to a shopping list which will total all of the items you need for a given week - then print it.  You can also add the items to a weekly menu to plan out each meal for an entire week. Optionally, you can input the nutritional information so you can total that up at the end of each day or week. I'm still working on how to input more than one person's meal options to make it work for an entire family. Brian and I rarely eat the same meals until dinner time. Gwen has baby food options - which I don't eat. Naomi is off on another eating planet all together. So somehow I have to coordinate all of those things into a shopping list option and track individuals nutritional values. I'm thinking of somehow assigning each person a color and then linking it to individual menus. 

So yeah any ideas how to get a software program developed and out there?


Jennifer said...

I crockpot Sundays so I don't have to wait to eat after church and Thursdays so I don't have to cook after shopping for all that food. Ok, I pretend to crockpot on those days. But the weeks I do it, it really works. Add a crockpot section. And make friends with a married computer geek with kids.

Jennifer said...

Blog list: Cool, huh? It is a new Add-in thing when you go to customize your own blog page. You know, when you edit the layout? And it gives you that little thing on the side bar that says "Add a Page Elemnt." Well, blog list is a new element!

Jesse Edwards said...

Get in touch with a computer programmer. They will be able to help you. Sounds like a good idea!