Friday, June 20, 2008

New Calling

So for any of those LDS friends out there. I was just called to be the Visiting Teaching Leader in my ward. There is a brand new Relief Society president so she is still working out everything. Anyone have any great suggestions for how to get organized in this calling? Anything would be helpful. It seems so overwhelming!


Jennifer said...

I have NEVER had that calling! I was called as an Enrichment teacher immediately before they changed the program to quarterly; I only taught ONCE.

Getting organized...not my forte.

Beth said...

Oh wow Care. I've had callings in visiting teaching for years at a time. 2 1/2 years to be exact, with no break. I was burnt out to say the least. My only suggestions would be to pray a lot. I learned that I really was guided by the spirit when setting up visiting teaching assignments when I prayed often. Also, it's frustrating (at least in singles wards) because people often avoid you or the VT Supervisors because they don't want to get "in trouble" for not doing their VTing. I don't know what it's like in family wards, hopefully it's different. But just try to have a heart full of charity and love towards the sisters so that when they don't do their VTing they don't feel like they are being judged or looked down on, just encourage them to try again, offer to help in any way, like going with them if necessary etc. And last, In singles wards emails are the best. A lot of girls don't respond to phone calls but they are more likely to respond to an email. I don't know if that would be true in a family ward though. Okay, enough of that, good luck Care and just remember to pray a lot because VTing is so important to Heavenly Father and he'll guide you in the best way to do it, I know that's true. Wow, this is long. Sorry, I love you guys!

Jennifer said...

Beth just reminded me of something: I am a horrible visiting teacher. My coordinator NEVER makes me feel bad or makes me not want to report even if they number is 0. She just asks, "Have you had a chance to visit your sisters this month?" No. Almost always no. She just says, "Ok, thanks!" And then, when I feel that I must start apologizing or I guess when I sound really pathetic when saying, "No," she just smiles and says something like, "It can get really busy; sometimes that's all we can do." I always feel like I am not being looked down on, but I also feel like I could continue the conversation should I desire some more input and help. I've actually done that. That's just my experience. I think it works b/c that sister is sincere. It's Marianne Palmer, by the way, if you remember her.