Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I don't think that I like Mother's Day... At least not this one. 

I was up almost the entire night with Gwenie - who I found out in the morning was cutting a tooth. Our new ward meets at 8am! So I was up at 7am to "hop" into the shower. I "hopped" a little too well and fell and slipped on the "non-slip" mat that wasn't fully suctioned down. I did not take my beautiful brand new shower curtain with me thank goodness. I did, however, hurt my wrist somehow. Its really hard to pick up the girls right now! My mother's day breakfast was just toast and butter - we were in a rush - Brian did make it for me at least. As we walked out the door Happy Mother's Day was muttered. Naomi couldn't say it properly. Church was mostly good. Our new ward seems nice! However the talks had put me off about Mother's Day. In particular the only one given by a man - who didn't have children and put forth the notion that what you are is what your children become. He posed "What do you want your children to become?" "How do you want them to be when they grow up?" "They will emulate the person that you are and how you raise them." Great! So my poor little girls are going to grow up depressed and anxiety ridden without the ability to cope with normal society? Not the encouraging uplifting talk I was needing on Mother's Day. Thanks a lot! Although the first talk was lovely with many examples from the behavior of the matriarchal society of elephants - unfortunately, I'm not an elephant! However, our ward does seem nice and very welcoming! Naomi made me a tiny hand in the sign language I love you. I briefly saw that it said I love my mommy because she plays with me, but then she confiscated it as her own. I haven't seen it since. Next time they should explain that it is for me! When we got home Brian did make us lunch - black bean tacos, one of our favorites. But then after lunch - he took a nap! Gwen and I tried to call my mom, but we had missed her - she was at work. So then Gwen finally fell asleep for her nap so I took a nap in my actual bed! I woke up with Naomi sitting on the pillow next to my head waiting for me to wake up. That's a startling awakening! Then Brian got to skype with his family. That was nice, unfortunately it was our dinner time. So I was in the kitchen (teeny tiny small) cooking our dinner. It turned out ok - it was an experiment! Gwen loved it, Naomi wouldn't touch it! We went outside to play on the little park and then Naomi peed all over the playground - so after cleaning it up we had to come inside. Little Naomi whined the rest of the night about everything that happened. Finally she went to bed. Brian normally does the bedtime routine but he was talking to his "boyfriend" on the phone about some car he was buying so i did the storytime. I mistakenly read Little Red Riding Hood. Naomi woke up every few minutes crying that she didn't like wolves. I finally fell asleep with my restless Gwen sitting up in the chair in our living room. I was up most of the night again. 

Some good things - 
1)Brian made my breakfast and got the girls dressed for church all by himself without asking 400 questions about what to do.
2)I got chocolate from the ward as our mother's day gift. 
3)Brian made our lunch.
4)Brian made me strawberry cheesecake cream puffs - AND cleaned up after himself! 
5) Today is not Mother's Day anymore!


Jennifer said...

Here's what's funny: I would have been totally annoyed at that elephant talk. I would have felt drie, wrinkly, and fat (with big ears).


Jesse Edwards said...

I'm jealous you got chocolate at church. We got a magnetic pad for shopping lists.

Chanda said...

Sorry about your day--those strawberry cheesecake cream puffs sound good though. What is it with Brian and his cream puffs? I'm glad you're all moved in and blogging again. I got a hankie from the church on mother's day. I gave it to Ruby to use as a toy blanket. Will the powers that be never get a clue: chocolate! That's all we want! Every year! Hey! See you soon! :) (BTW, I'm copying your liberal use of exclamation marks, love it, my mom does the same thing)! :) !!!!