Friday, May 23, 2008

Books to read

The only magazine I read through cover to cover is Real Simple. I love all of it. I even read about wines that go with food and it means nothing to me - I've never tasted wine! But its in my Real Simple magazine - It might have some relevance to my life. So this month there was an article, more so a list, from various authors recommending books to read. I love to read, but find myself not reading as much as I would Love to. Kids and hubby keep me occupied and I hate being interrupted while reading so sometimes I will just not. Anyway, I want to start really reading again. Naomi and I are working our way through the Chronicles of Narnia right now. But I always feel a little lost when I go to the library and try to select a book to read. I'm very nervous that I won't like it at all! So in the spirit of Real Simple articles - please suggest to me anything that you think I should absolutely read. Assume that I haven't read anything - what are the best books I should read? 


Jennifer said...

I am inviting you to! I'll send an email. You'll see what all our friends (mine, currently, yours soon) are reading and their comments on it!

Janine said...

You should read Stephenie Meyer's new book The Host. It is really very good. As for other suggestions, I have lots but it depends on what you're in the mood for.

JoDee said...

Carrie - my latest favorite: "These Is My Words" - loved it! Also got sucked into the Twilight novels. We'll have to link up on Goodreads - I'm on there too.