Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I love stripes and polka dots!

Packing Fun!

It sure is a lot tougher to pack when you have kids! Two kids makes it even more difficult! Luckily everything went decently smooth. 

Kids on lock down!

"What? We're moving?"

Naomi loves our new apartment. She didn't even want to go visit the old one to pick something up! Its seriously half the size, but it doesn't feel that small. We are quite amazed! The kitchen is where we notice the most difference. We are really lucky with the spot we got. If you sit on our living room couch you can look out the window and see the Angel Moroni on top of the Provo Temple. We've had a little hummingbird flitting outside our window every so often. Directly behind our building is a small playground. Perfect for Naomi! We also have the laundry just next door which also houses the mailboxes. Its very convenient! 

We've gotten out of the boxes already. We just need to hang a few photos and figure out what to do with the cords we have winding all over the place. 

Brian has a new job on campus that he is enjoying. It seems like a really relaxed job! He is doing both Spring and Summer terms. Unfortunately we are still going to have to stay for his practicuum through next Spring Term. I think Brian did it on purpose so he won't have to go to graduation! He did all of the foot work to get a job on campus that he could count as his practicuum for this semester, and the last day of add/drop one of the professors tells him that he can't get paid for an on campus job and use it for credit! So he did not have time to locate another job that could count as credit and get paid - so no practicuum this term! He got a B and a C last semester by the way! Good job Brian!

Naomi has suddenly become very aware of driving in the car. Brian recently taught her about red and green lights. So she yells them out to us all of the time. She also has started saying "Why are you trying to die us?" Translated to Why are you trying to kill us. She says this whenever someone is driving even slightly fast or turning quickly. She doesn't enjoy elevation changes of any sort. Brian says its the true Texan in her. If she walks down a hill she cries out "Whoa! Whoa!" 

Gwen is just a bit too adventurous for me! She is already climbing up on everything. Naomi didn't climb so I always felt safe with her. I'll turn my head and Gwen will be on top of something! Crazy child! She says Mama now, but only when she is crying desperately! She waves and claps which is fun! She figures things out very quickly! We can't hide things behind our back to get them out of her mind - she will just crawl around us to get them. She is going to be a trouble maker, I can tell!


JoDee said...

So you're all settled back in Provo then? Yeah for you! I hate moving ... we're gearing up for our move in July. Yuck.

LeslieK said...

Hey Carrie! I'm so sorry we couldn't help you move! Keith ended up working until 9:30 that night! It was horrible! We finally got a couple job offers, and we're going to decide what we're doing this Friday. It's either Houston, or CA, so we'll keep you guys posted!

Beth said...

Hi Care! Great new posts :) Sorry your Mothers Day wasn't better, but way to go Brian for the cooking! Good guy :) I can't believe how big the girls are getting. Lets do our old EFY pals dinner soon eh? maybe when I get back from Boston? Lets chat. Love you!

Jon & Chelle said...

YEah I agree with Beth, let's do dinner!

Jennifer said...

I put my kids in boxes to contain them, too! Great wardens think alike!

Janell said...

good for you, already out of boxes!!! Life sounds grand! I think that must be a record or something!! You are great!! love ya!