Friday, May 23, 2008


So... it took me forever to get to this - but here it is Jen!

How long have I been a mom?
3 1/2 years

How old was I when I became a mom?
23 years old - I think.

What is my favorite kid show?
Word World! I'm also quite fond of Signing Time

Least favorite?
I loathe Yo Gabba Gabba, we also never ever watch Barney  - BLECK!

Favorite chore
I have pondered this one forever...I really don't know. I like organizing things - putting everything in its place. And everything does have a place in our house.Brian just can't EVER remember where they are!

Favorite meal to cook?
Brian and I go through stages. Sometimes he will cook for weeks and then I'll take over. I think its my turn right now (we are in the process of switching over)(its not a spoken or planned thing, it just happens). This one is hard too. I personally really enjoy pasta with parmesan cheese and some basil. Brian hates it! But its so easy! I also really like making a big ol' homestyle meal - like meatloaf or pot roast.

What is the meal cooked most often?
Definitely pasta of various kinds (we are poor!), we are trying to branch out more and do stir frys because they are so good and pretty easy.

What's my kids' favorite meal?
At the moment Naomi only wants bread and butter. But she usually Loves tortellini soup.

What is my favorite thing Andy does with the kids?
I think smoosh face. He smooshes their faces all up and we laugh! They have chubby cheeks! Also when he just cuddles them. He likes to cuddle them more than they like to cuddle him though - which is sad.

What are 5 things that make me smile about being a mom?
1. How stinkin' cute they are! I have quite a big head about how cute my kids are!
2. When they play with each other - this is new for us, but I love to watch!
3. When Naomi plays with other kids and will do stuff to show me that she listens to what I say and does actually learn things.
4. After Primary when I'm the best most exciting person to see
5. Telling them they are the loves of my life - and Naomi shaking her head yes and agreeing that they are the loves of my life! haha

Where do I want to take my kids someday?

Jen, oh my gosh, go to Disney World! Its the best ever! 

Brian and I want to travel everywhere and expose our kids to all kinds of cultures and lifestyles. We want to do the touristy stuff too, but we really want to get them into the real country of places - even different places and cities within the US!

When was the last time Andy and I went out without the kids?
Oh goodness - I don't remember! Does it count when we left them with our neighbors to clean our apartment for hours on end. Its going to have to.

What's something you said you'd never do as a mom?
Get mad AT them, but alas they are so stubborn!

Favorite pasttime with my kids?
Reading - We are reading Prince Caspian right now in preparation for the movie. 

Advice for new moms?
Let your spouse parent.  - Jen wrote this - I think I agree! I didn't let Brian do much and now that I am trying to put him in charge of things, he has a problem with almost assuming kid work is always my work. He will pick up something I am working on so I can go over and handle the kids. Not good!

What is a scary or heartbreaking moment you have had as a mom?
We have been extremely lucky in this aspect of life. I don't know that I have had any real scary or heartbreaking moments yet. But my anxiety makes it seem like we certainly have!

When was the last time your kids said "I love you?"
Yesterday when I let Naomi build a tent under the computer desk and watch Bug's Life over and over since it was a rainy day!


Jennifer said...

Yay, Carrie! It was fun to read. I LOVE WORD WORLD! I keep trying to explain it, too. They have toys now; I've seen them at Target.

Claire wants bread and butter all the time, too.

JoDee said...

I had to laugh when I read this. Olivia LOVES Signing Time, it is really the only show she'll watch. As an interesting side note, one of my girlfriendd's uncle is the creator of Yo Gabba Gabba, or whatever that's called... I thought it looked pretty silly, but didn't share that opinion with her! :)