Friday, May 23, 2008

The day of the Blog

I can't stop blogging today! So much to say!

Brian made me the above wooden sign. He did it on a whim so its on nice moldy wood. This is what he does at work. Cuts things. He had been asking me often if I wanted a sign or saying or giant letter cut out of wood or metal for mother's day. I kept telling him that I didn't like little knick knacks that don't serve any purpose. But when he had the thought to do this he just did it. He knew I would love it. And though I feel as though I maybe shouldn't have it displayed in my house - I can't seem to get rid of it! Isn't it just cool!!

It keeps hitting me that we are only here for one more year! Its quite amazing to think! It has made me much more relaxed to see an end in sight to Brian's schooling. And also an actual date for which we will be leaving UT. 

Naomi update:
Naomi is on the verge of getting whatever sickness Gwen has. One of my favorite things that she does ever is when she wakes up and has sleepy eyes or when she is sick because her eyes are always runny when she is sick - she says my eyes are raining! I love it!

Gwen update: 
Gwen is standing without holding on to anything this week. She doesn't enjoy the act of walking at all so she just stands there.

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Sarah Kay said...

I remember feeling that way about Utah. I've softened up some towards it now that I'm back East, but I was pretty much anti-Utah anything for a while. Ask my poor roommates. I'd try to convince them how cool Jersey was. I think living in Logan helped me like it some, and then I went back to Provo...

I still miss Logan sometimes. Provo? Not so much. heh. Life is funny.

I love "raining eyes." how cute is that?