Monday, March 10, 2008

Product Endorsement

Miracle of Miracles! I think I have found a laundry detergent that works miracles! My 7 month old still has the occasional diaper leak, and as anyone who has children knows, those DON"T come out! Unless of course you Shout it immediately and pop it directly into the wash! I rarely do that unless its a precious item. However two days ago Gwen had a diaper leak on her cute pink pants that are too big, but I can't help myself but to put her in them. So I meant to pop it right into the wash, but didn't get around to it. So today, I Shouted the pants, and only rubbed gently because I assumed they were lost. I threw them in with the other items and added my new Method detergent (its supposed to be eco-friendly as well!). When they came out of the wash and the dryer there was no spot at all!! I'm sure the Shout helped a little, but when I used Gain it didn't get baby stains out! So everyone go buy Method laundry detergent! Its sold at Target! I've also tried their dish detergent, but don't like it as much. (they all smell good though!) 

Sorry, my whole life i have been exclamation happy! 


Jon & Chelle said...

I really like the Method dish detergent, it doesnt make my hands itchy. Never tried the laundry detergent tho, but now I will!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the info! I HATE spending all my time pre-treating! Seriously, laundry shouldn't be that hard.