Sunday, March 16, 2008

First Official Family Picture

Clean Hair

"I caught a fish This Big!"


Our Easter Sunglasses


Jon & Chelle said...

Cutest pictures ever!! Are you moving/moved too?? Where to??

Carrie said...

We are moving the first week of May back to BYU student housing. Argh! But its only for one year because in moving to the cheaper housing Brian will be done school in April of 2009! One more year! Whew!

Jennifer said...

Y'all are so pretty! Look at your rosy little girls and all y'all's shiny Pantene hair! I'm excited for graduation!!!!!

Jon & Chelle said...

Well I'm excited for you! It was worth it for us to live in our itsy apt. for 3 looong years! just keep telling yourself its only for another year!