Thursday, March 20, 2008

Princess Tea Party

Gwenie was forced - I mean invited- to her first princess dress up tea party by Naomi. 

Gwen is crawling at a snails pace. She'll go about two feet, flop down, and start to cry because I don't pick her up. She will even hold herself in the crawl position and cry while waving her hand at me to "come here!" She just barely cut two more top teeth yesterday, and I'm pretty sure there are at least two more waiting to come through very soon. 

Today is my 27th birthday. Not sure what I will be doing today. I bought myself a new dress for Easter. I will be getting new shoes today to match. Tomorrow I get my hair cut - those are my birthday gifts - mostly to myself. We are planning a big Easter dinner with some of Brian's family for Sunday. We'll be doing the ham and mashed potatoes, I'm going to make rolls!! The whole shebang!

Happy Spring and Early Happy Easter


JoDee said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! Hope its a great day!

Jon & Chelle said...

I darling! I am soo going to have a princess tea party, that looks like so much fun! Gwen is getting soo big! Muchas Lovas!

Janetpiper said...

The pictures are great. Both so cute. Hope you had a great birthday. Love,

Chanda said...

These pictures are to die for! I can't wait to meet Gwen. Glad you're pampering yourself for your B-day. Hope Brian made you a yummy cake.