Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our we are moving in about a month

I love to decorate! Its my one hobby, and Brian never counts it as a hobby for some reason. But anyway, here is where we are currently living. I thought it'd be nice to show anyone who may not have seen it before. And then we will move!


JoDee said...

Looks so cute Carrie! Much better than our dorm rooms at SVU. :) I especially like your curtains and butterflies in the girls' room. Olivia loves butterflies right now. Where did you get them?

Janetpiper said...

These pictures are good so you will be able to remember this condo. It looks really nice.

Kathy said...


Your girls room is darling! I love it. I can't wait until we have a house and I can decorate my girls rooms. We miss you guys!! Take care.

Kathy Rose

Sarah Kay said...

Of course decorating is a hobby! And you do a great job of it - it's not an easy task to decorate apartments/condos. Here's to student life! Good luck with the move.

Chanda said...

You've got skill Carrie! Love your brown bedspread.