Monday, March 10, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew and a little American Idol

We recently blocked most of the cable channels we get, but we unblock MTV on Thursday nights to watch America's Best Dance Crew! BEST REALITY SHOW EVER! Of course I found out about it from Ellen when she had the JabbaWockeeZ on her show. Brian and I checked out this new show and discovered that it is AWESOME! 12 dance crews come together to battle it out! Its even more intense for us than American Idol. That can get pretty intense, but I actually broke out in applause at the end of Status Quo's performance. Brian laughed at me! We love JabbaWockeez and Kaba Modern and were so happy to finally see Fysh n Chicks leave. They just were as sharp as the other groups. JabbaWockeez wear masks and gloves every time to emphasize their crisp hand movements. And its amazing how that really makes them look like a whole when they perform. You can see their faces and you can't even tell if they are boys or girls! Excellent! Still depressed that Live in Color went before Fysh n Chicks. Both of us are hoping that BreakSk8 will go this week. We realize that some of them are good dancers, but the roller skates are just too eighties for us! At least for this competition!

As far as American Idol goes this year...we are really impressed with the competitors. I love Brooke White and David Archuleta. She is fun, and he is just adorable and wonderful! I love how after everytime that he sings he looks as though he is about to cry! So cute! And I think its ok because he is fantastic! I also really enjoy Carly Smithson because she is awesome too. So happy that the people who should go are actually getting voted off this year...thus far! Jason Castro is another one of our favorites. Although I doubt he'll actually win, I think he will do something great afterwards. And isn't Michael Johns just dreamy - not the best singer on the show, but worth looking at. I'm shocked and surprised that at this time the only person I really WANT to go is Amanda Overmeyer. Anyone like her? I'd really and truly like to know what it is that you like about her. Let me know. 


JoDee said...

We'll have to check this out ... I haven't ever really watched American Idol. Last season I watched after the final 11 or so. I enjoy "So you think you can dance" better ... I'll bet I'd like this MTV one. Saw this group on Ellen too (love Ellen!) and thought they were super cool.

Jon & Chelle said...

Ew no, I do not like Amanda Overmyer!! David Archuleta is my fav!!! My favorite girl is Kristy Lee Cook, she is just a sweet strawberry! Jon and I watch AI every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, maybe we should have an AI PARTY for the finale!!!!

Ellis Family said...

I love the dance crew show!!! I haven't been an advid watcher... but WOW! I wish I could move like that!

And as for American Idol... I think a guy just may when it this year. We like the David Cook guy because he's talented, knows what style he is, and maybe perhaps because he is from around these parts. haha! BUT I just absolutely adore David Archuletta... so sweet and adorable!