Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pictures of Bianca with my Baby Story

Today we have been cursed with a sore cursing!! Last night our air conditioner broke! We called an emergency service guy who came and told us it is the compressor so it would be a $1000 fix plus he couldn't do it until Monday. We lucked out because we do have a home warranty so they will hopefully be able to come out on Monday and fix it for our deductible but we were hoping to get it fixed in one day because hello its stinkin hot here. Since I am nursing constantly its very uncomfortable!!

Anyway, I have some cute pictures of cutie Bianca. We have all 0-3 month clothes, and she is swimming in everything.
From 2010

Look, she does have eyeballs!
From 2010

From 2010

Naomi loves having Bianca hold onto her finger! Gwen and Naomi both get very mad when she doesn't hold on well or look directly at them because they think she doesn't like them.
From 2010

This is from today.
From 2010

Love her lips!
From 2010

Naomi claims she is a cowgirl swinging around her crocheted bookmark.
From 2010

You probably look at Gwen here and think she hasn't been bathed in weeks, but she had a bath this morning! Its just that hot in our house! Ugh!
From 2010

As for the baby story, I had been in preterm labor for about a month and then at 36 weeks they let me off of bed rest. We sort of expected that I would have her pretty quickly after that, but she wasn't born until I was at 38 weeks. Better for her! At my last visit to my doctor before she was born I was already dilated to 4cm. Who knew you could just walk around dilated to 4cm?? I didn't! I am lucky and unlucky to not feel contractions very strongly. So I was very worried about just waiting this out! What if I didn't feel contractions strong enough and wound up having the baby at home? I was nervous!

Saturday I was noticing some small contraction and I was paying very close attention to when they were coming. As I was timing them they were about every 5 minutes. But honestly they didn't hurt very much so I felt stupid thinking that maybe I should go to the hospital. We went anyway. I was having real contractions and they were about every 5 minutes. The nurses had me walk for an hour to see if it would change my dilation. It did and I was then admitted to the real hospital. My doctor was out of town (which happened with all 3 of my deliveries so it was expected!) The doctor on call was Dr Lamb and I liked him a lot!! He came in and gave me the option of waiting it out or breaking my water and having the baby in about 3-4 hours. I chose the faster option because I am not for waiting around in hospitals. I am glad I did because shortly after that the anesthesiologist came in and started my epidural. I did not like the epidural this time! It made me feel too numb. I think I was also really nervous about the whole thing because it was moving so much differently than with the other 2 deliveries. I felt like it was tempting fate for something to go wrong. At about 4 hours after the doctor broke my water she was born. Very uneventful labor overall.

She sucked up a little blood when she first came out but she coughed it right back up and they suctioned the rest out and she was perfectly fine. She looked so tiny to me even though she wasn't especially small. 7lbs 4oz is a normal sized baby, but she was my smallest one.


Nathan & Katelyn said...

I'm glad it was uneventful! Those types of deliveries are always nice :) Bianca is a doll! I hope your air conditioner gets working soon, I totally know what you mean about sweating! Logan was born in the summer and nursing was awfulllll in a hot apartment. Yuck!

LeslieK said...

Congrats!! She is so beautiful!!! Hopefully I can come see her when I come to Utah in a few weeks =)

Janadt.Huggins said...

Beautiful pictures of the girls, and I love birth stories so thank you for sharing. Sounds like you did a great job! Oh, and I hope your AC if fixed now ;)