Sunday, August 1, 2010

Help us name our car!!

So also on Saturday - we purchased a Mazda5! We had searched and looked and researched about minivans because I kept telling myself that the Mazda5 could wind up being too small. I was very unsatisfied with all of my options. Even after we finally had decided lets just do a Toyota Sienna (cuz I really want my own Swagger wagon!! Love those commercials!) I still felt unsatisfied. Even when we went to see a used one in person I couldn't get myself excited! I kept saying I haven't even driven a minivan before, what if I hate it! So we started driving around Bountiful and Woods Cross going to all the used and new dealerships trying to find a used Toyota Sienna that we could drive. Well we didn't find one! We wound up at the Mazda store looking to see if they had any used minivans at all and all they had was the Mazda5. So we drove! And I sat in the very back! And Brian got into the very back! And you know it really seemed like it was going to work for us. Yes there is that once in a year where we might need something slightly bigger, but is that really worth the extra amount of money we would put into the monthly payment and gas every month compared to what we will save by having a smaller vehicle? We went home discussed, I researched endlessly. And I searched through all the used ads. I knew I wanted either a 2008 or a 2009. I found one of each for sale at different dealerships throughout Utah that I would want. Turns out I am quite picky about these things! Meanwhile, we have been working with one of Brian's mission companions to help us find a vehicle. He owns with his Dad a used vehicle shop right here in our area and said he would help us out with a great deal by either purchasing something from another dealership and getting it to us cheap cheap or finding something at auction. So he called on each of these vehicles, one had been sold and the other was available. Brian and he drove down and test drove it and checked everything out and brought it home!!! It was so fast once I made the decision that yes I wanted THIS vehicle!

Introducing our 2009 Mazda5! Its got sliding doors and a hatchback on the rear. Very convenient! And its peppy to drive!! I think that was the biggest thing for me. I knew I would like driving it. My favorite thing that I haven't even used yet is that it has a place to plug in my iPod so I can listen to MY music! Imagine that, I don't have to listen to Brian's CD's! Plus all the things to change the radio are on the steering wheel, very fun if you ask me!

From 2010
From 2010

It needs a name! Up until now we haven't named our cars, but since I actually like this one, I really want to! Brian is no help with this at all, its like when we try to name a baby, I get ridiculous suggestions and no real ones. Any suggestions?

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Christenson Family Blog said...

We've had a mazda5 for two years now and I absolutely love it. Good choice.