Monday, August 16, 2010

Dana Willis Photography - Awesome!

Pictures of the girls!!

My friend Dana took these pictures today! I'm so glad I did it! I kept wondering if I should do professional photos but we had never done them before and I desperately wanted them! Now I will probably become addicted to getting them done. Everything went so well and the girls behaved. Gwen is 100% natural at the modeling part! This is just a sampling; I may post some more after she is able to go through and edit them.

We are still air conditioner-less and its miserable! They won't be able to get a part in until Thursday and even with our warranty we will still be paying $400-$600!


Nathan & Katelyn said...

Holy Cow!! The pictures look amazing!!! I felt sad because we never did newborn photos with Ethan and when we did them with Lj I became addicted. There's something about these sweet little babies in these photos. The Girls look Beautiful!!!

Chanda said...

Stunning! Congratulations on the new baby Carrie! She is lovely. I'm so glad the delivery went well. I tried sending Brian an email but it got bounced back. I didn't find out Bianca was born until yesterday when I checked the blog. Hope you've got cold air blowing on you now! Wish I could call, I've only got a Zambian cell phone, but lots of well-wishes coming from Africa!

Alan and Kiersten said...

OH. MY. GOSH. i'm SO glad you have GIRLS!! those tutus are awesome and your girls are GORGEOUS! seriously beautiful pictures miss carrie! i loved them all and looked at them like 5 times! ha ha!

Jessica said...

I love Bianca smiling in her sleep- so cute!! What a moment to capture! And the girls look like they had fun!