Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby Pictures

I thought it'd be fun to compare all 3 girls in their first few days.

From Baby PIctures
From Baby PIctures

From Baby PIctures
From Baby PIctures

From Baby PIctures


Beth said...

Ok, 1. I forgot what a cute little chub Naomi was!!! You wouldn't think so by looking at her right now. 2. Gwen looks so much like GWEN in those pictures! In my opinion it's rare to see a toddler still have a similar face to their baby face and 3. Bianca is really beautiful. She doesn't have that weird deformed baby face that so many babies have. (I'm a terrible person, I know.) I really do want to see you soon! Sorry I didn't make it over today I ended up working late (Quite the opposite of leaving early, eh?)

Jennifer said...

I was hoping you'd do this! Bianca's lips look bigger than the other girls', am I right? I can tell who they are, but they still look so dang similar! Crazy!

Nathan & Katelyn said...

Fun!! I love when people do these types of comparisons... The girls all look sooooo alike! Bianca just has less hair huh? Either way they are all beautiful girls!