Monday, December 22, 2008

Literally Trapped!

Yes, you read the title correctly, I am literally trapped within the bounds of my apartment complex. Unless I wanted to go out walking in this crap. It has NOT stopped snowing the entire day here. It let up a little bit so I thought that I would try to venture out and get the errands done. We all got dolled up AGAIN, and into the car and strapped in. I shoveled the snow off of the car. It looked like close to 6 inches since this morning. When attempting to back up, I couldn't get the car to go anywhere due to the massive amounts of snow piled up from the snow plows. I got the snow shovel to distribute the snow and hopefully back over it. After "distributing" the snow twice and still not being able to back over it, I gave up! We are inside now. I called Brian to tell him I would not able to pick him up from work later as I can't get the car out alone. (The girls have VERY low patience spans when it comes to things like this) Lucky for me now its dumping snow outside again! DUMPING! The snowflakes look like they are an inch in diameter! Evil, Awful snow that waited until Christmas break to start pummeling us! This is my first non-weekend day where I didn't have to babysit so I thought it would be great to actually get out and do stuff with just my kids as I am usually trapped in the house the entire day because I can't transport 4 kids in my nissan Altima. But noooo!!! Here I am trapped again! I'm bored, as you can tell by this being the third post of the day! Bored, Bored, Bored! If I didn't have a decent amount of self control going on right now I would most likely go into our back room and have the girls rip into all of our presents! But I like the excitement of Christmas morning so I will not do that. Instead, we sit and get irritated by each other and all the demands of having nothing to do. I would not deal well if their was some major disaster that caused me to have to stay in doors! Its odd, if I want to stay in doors I could do that indefinitely even on nice days, but since I had plans to get out I feel so trapped. I know I said trapped a lot!

Oh, a positive note: I received many packages today! Uncle Andy's present to Naomi came, a giant box of presents from my mom arrived, a present for Brian, and all of Grandma Oppelt's Christmas presents. I didn't open them either - control! They will all be nicely placed under the tree! 

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Jennifer said...

I would be pulling my hair out. Hey, have you made those online snowflakes? There are some on the side of my blog. It's really addictive.

Have fun!