Saturday, December 27, 2008

All About Me!!

Me, Me, Me!

That is what I feel like talking about today.

First of all I need to tell you all how I made off like a bandit for Christmas! I got an iPod Touch from my mom plus tons and tons of accessories! Super exciting! I've been craving one ever since Brian got one and knew that I would put it to good use, but could never bring myself to ask for one because at the sametime that I knew I would put it to good use, I often wondered if I, a stay-home Mom, really needed one. But the home executive that I am does need one! So I've been happily playing with that pretty much every spare minute, and not spare minute, since Christmas. I'll be watching TV and NOT watching because I'm IMDBing everyone or facebooking or whatever. I was afraid to touch it at first. I didn't want to scratch it or drop it or get it wet. I left it in its protective pouch until all the presents were open, the Christmas dinner eaten and cleaned up after, the girls got all of their stuff opened, and everyone was finally busy with something....then I opened it! 

I also got a beautiful little Willow Tree statue from my mom. I have wanted one of those forever! They are must so pretty! 

Brian made me a titanium bracelet at work. Its really pretty! Its chunky and shiny! I love it! 

I can't forget my gorgeous green bowl from my sis-in-law Jess! It fits perfectly in with what I want my decorating "style" to be! Speaking of style, I also got a great decorating book and its teaching me all about color and texture and how to incorporate those things into a room. Very exciting to me!

Then today we went out to get some bamboo sticks or stalks to put in the corner of our apartment for decorating purposes. After we got those we stopped in to best buy because Brian wanted to check out the 1080i TVs. He chatted the guy up forever! Finally on our way out, we stopped to check out the cell phones. Brian asked the guy if we were eligible for our upgraded phones - we were!! Both of us! Now Brian has had a flip phone with a camera built in and all that jazz - me? I had one of those old old do nothing phones. I don't even know how to text people! But the free phone available there was the LG Shine worth $360! I got it for free!! I have a built in camera and it slides open. Very cool! Free gift to myself! Now if I can figure out how to use it! 

So as of today it seems that I have officially stepped into the newest era of techno-gadgetry. This is a new phase for me. Soon I'll be downloading songs and texting, maybe I'll even learn how to use some of the fun features on my phone! 


Beth said...

I like posts about you you you! I'm so jealous that you got a touch but also really happy for you! I got a new ipod and I love it and it works perfectly for my needs but oh man the touch is awesome...

And hooray for new phones! I got a new phone today too! I got the Blackberry flip phone. It's fancy and I don't know how to use it either. Love you Care!

Jessica said...

I got an IPod Nano and am really excited about it as well! I got an armban so I cantake it to the gym..Im so excited you got one! You seemed to have had an amazing christmas, Im really glad. I wanna see pictures of everything and you should text me sometime to test out your new phone!

Jennifer said...

You almost sound techno-geeky, girl! That whole post was awesome! It all sounds very fun and exciting! Of COURSE stay-at-home moms need the latest and greatest - how else are we going to keep up with our kids? Not getting that stuff is almost like foot-binding!

Alan and Kiersten said...

i'm glad you got so many fun things! you definitely deserve it super mom! and i just may hire you to come decorate my house some day! :)