Friday, December 19, 2008

10 people I'd invite to Dinner

So my sis-in-law Jennifer copied this from a friend. I am understanding that it was originally supposed to be all fictional people, but I just made a list of 10 people. Well sort of 10. I left some people off of my list because I knew that Brian would invite them at a further dinner party. I also assumed I would be going to Jennifer's so left some people off for that purpose as well. And apparently couples count as one. Anyway, here is my 10, sort of, dinner party. Oh, and no one is fictional, sorry!

1 Don Cheadle - LOVE HIM, ALWAYS!

2 Heidi Klum and Seal

3 Duff from Ace of Cakes - obviously to make a cake for us, oh it'd be awesome!

4 Mario Batali - first to cook for us, secondly because he just looks so sweet and cuddly, third who doesn't love a guy wearing shorts with bright orange crocs with his red headed ponytail?

5 David Bromstad - I would mostly chat with him while everyone else mingled so I could pick his brain and discuss what I could do better with my house. (I have a house in this fictional party world and its decorated wonderfully- perhaps by David Bromstad)

6 Will Smith - I know he'll be at Jennifer's too, but he HAS to come to mine as well!

7 Johnny Depp

8 JJ Abrams and maybe he could bring the entire cast of Lost, I'll leave that up to him!

9 Tom Hanks

10 Kevin James


Sarah Kay said...

ditto on the Tom Hanks.
I love Tom Hanks (and TIna Fey).

Jennifer said...

Props on Kevin James! I have a serious crush!

Alan and Kiersten said...

dude kevin james is HILARIOUS! have you seen previews for that new movie he's in? and i'm all about jj abrams and the cast of lost! wouldn't that be awesome. good list!