Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Naomi's Birthday Party

Naomi's party was quite a success! The biggest ordeal for me is always the worry over the cake. I've been practicing so I was hoping the castle cake would come off ok. I think that it did!

Naomi blew her candles out all by herself from quite a distance I think.

Here everyone waits to get their chance to pin the crown on the princess. We had 6 girls come and it was such a nice day. The girls were all so well behaved. Oh I almost forgot, it snowed too!

Each girl got to decorate their own jewelry box after we found the jewels on a treasure hunt. This is Naomi's.

These are all the treats the girls got to take home. Quite the stash I think. I even forgot to get them the princess lip gloss.


Beth said...

You are such an impressive party planner!! The cake looks amazing! Good job Care

Anonymous said...

great job on the cake!

Sarah Kay said...

Fantastic! I'm scraping energy together for Liv's butterfly birthday. We'll see if I can pull it off - but I don't know if I can top a castle cake. So do me a favor. Don't show Liv.