Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't worry, the better stuff is soon to come!

I'm having a little bit of a dilema! We just got this wonderful computer up and running. I've been dying without it. Complaining that I have no email, no blog, no reading other people's blogs, no quicken to check bank accounts, credit cards, pay for things. I lost my calendar and I didn't have access to my pictures in iPhoto. Life sucked! Or so I thought! Sitting down with Brian last night we realized that both of us had the best weekend that we have had in - can I say years? That sounds awful, but it might be true! As we contemplated I began to wonder if it was partly a lack of computer? I can't be sure! But the coincidence is uncanny!

So the easiest thing to report is that I just got a job. I am babysitting these two adorable children 20 hours a week! They are so sweet and cute! Marie is 2 1/2 and Yael is 18 months. The girls are having fun and its bringing a lot of needed order to our lives, plus the money. The only dilemma is that Gwen and Yael are not the best of friends. He likes to cuddle, and Gwen can't stand to have someone else cuddle me or even look at me longing to cuddle apparently. But its working ok so far. They just whine and one will flop down until its their turn to cuddle. 

Its quite an interesting scenario. I have been asking Brian forever should I find some type of work? I always thought some type of data entry I could do after the kids were asleep would work best, but how do you find that? I always contemplate babysitting as an option but didn't know if it would work out. On Sunday Michaelle and I were talking because our 2 girls were doing the Primary talk and scripture (Michaelle also has an older girl who is 5, Renee). She asked if I stayed home with the girls and if I ever thought about working part time. I told her that I did and had just brought it up with my husband (again) this past weekend. So then she asked if I'd be interested in watching her kids so I just said Yes! I am amazed that it is working out so well! I'll have to get pictures of everyone playing and post them soon.


Jennifer said...

The greatest job was when I tended that little girl Emma when she and Charlotte were both one. Weren't you down here then? It was so nice! Hopefully, Gwen will get used to sharing you.

Jesse Edwards said...

congratulations! How nice that you can work and still be at home with your girls. That is one of the greatest blessings!