Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ditto on the Blog-anon

To understand my post better you'll have to read my sister-in-laws most recent post. So can I just say that I've only been back online for less than a week, and I've caught up on what everyone has said over the past few weeks, and now what do I do? I need to search out more people to add to my friend list so that I have more blogs to read. At the same time I can't just read random blogs that I don't know. I just don't care. Lets face it we all care about the silly random happenings in people's lives. Its so weird! So a call out now for all those who haven't posted in a while - we need stuff to read!! Oh and if you read my blog and have a blog that isn't listed in my fave blogs that means I don't know about it - so let me know so I can read it! Thank you. Have a nice day!


Joan said...

Yay! You're back online. This is the only way I still even remotely feel connected to you & Beth & Chelle. It's ridiculous how much I miss you girls sometimes.

Anyway, I used to feel this way about blogs--about not caring about these random people I didn't know. Well, I still do mostly. Except for there was a blog I totally read and enjoyed reading--total random stranger--and then it turned out she used to be Mormon and then decided she was insane because she was. And then I stopped reading it.

Beth said...

Care, I'm addicted I agree...except sometimes I read blogs of people I don't know. It makes me feel crazy so I don't do it often. :) And in response to Joanie, we miss you a lot annnd the end of your comment made me laugh out loud. "Decided she was insane because she was. And then I stopped reading it." ahh haha!

Jessica said...

I had to get on the blog-anon! I felt left out. Ive been reading yours, jens, and chandas blogs for awhile now and now Im getting obsessed with posting and reading comments. Its crazy! By the way I love your new family photo its so cute!

Abby Hanson said...

So I've been popping in every once in awhile for the last month to see what you guys were up to -- but I haven't said anything. I've never met you - but your hubby Brian was in my freshman ward at BYU. I lived in Horne 52. I think if you remind him of the girls that left him a "Les Poisson" message on his answering machine, he'll remember me. Good times. Silly freshmen.

Anyway...I found your blog through Jeanine Fisher Crane who also was in my freshman ward. And then I glanced over to see who you have on your bloglist and was surprised to see that you had BYU 148th Ward!! I knew you lived in Wymount because I recognized the apartment set-up in some of your pictures. :) But I used to live in that ward too! We moved out of Wymount in Oct 2005. I know there are some people still there from our time there too though. Like the Carmens and I know the Albretsen's moved, but you probably knew them....Crazy. Such a small world.

I'm curious as to what building you live in now! We were in Apt. 812. Fun times!

Oh, and I bet you know Jared & Emily White because they just barely moved.

Anyway, you're welcome to keep up with my blog. :) Say hi to Brian for me!

Chanda said...

Carrie, I'm so glad you're back. It's been fun getting caught up on ya'll. I LOVE your decorations.

Anonymous said...

I love reading blogs too! You are always welcome to visit ours on Your girls are sooooo cute!