Friday, April 22, 2011

Mawwiage, Mawwiage is what brings us togewer today.

QUICK UPDATE: Naomi went to the doctor and had an xray. We'll get the results tomorrow. However, the doc is pretty sure its constipation and we will be starting a whole regime to take care of that.

Onto the topic:

I find it hilarious how different kids are. Both Gwen and Naomi were raised in the same house by the same people and yet, at this very early age, they are so so different. I don't think that Naomi has once brought up marriage until just this year. And she might have only brought it up because because Gwen talks about it constantly! Many months ago Gwen brought up being married and having 2 sweethearts (sweethearts are what she calls children). This dream of hers also included her pink house and 2 pink dogs. I feel sorry for her future husband. I just find it so interesting that its not something Naomi obsesses about. I guess I never thought it was something girls did until now that Gwen is obsessed with it. This evening, in quite the urgent voice, she told me that I need to get the decorations ready for preschool. Worried, I asked her what was happening at preschool that I needed decorations. Well, her wedding of course! She is going to marry one of the little boys in her class. I need to provided the decorations. I asked her when this was happening, again. She said this week. I told her it couldn't happen yet, I wasn't ready, and she was too young! She agreed that that was true because she does not yet have a "big purse". I laughed, and asked her if she thought it'd be ok to get married and then get the big purse. That would be just silly! So we've got time. She needs to get the big purse first. Oh and "boobs, big boobs." Right Ian?


Ashlie Dalton said...

hahaha, that is so good! cole has been talking quite a bit about marriage too. and come to think of it he was telling me just the other day that someone at school got married, but i didn't pay attention to who it was. maybe someone at preschool has them all excited about it?! i dunno.

big purse and big boobs are a pretty good indication of when to get married i guess. ;)

Ian said...

Haha, yea, Gwen's exact quote was, "Some day, I'm going to be a mom... With boobs, big boobs."

So I guess she can get married once she has a big purse. The boobs can come with the "two sweethearts".

Amy said...

So great. :D Every time we click on your blog to comment, Tommy stares at your girls (as the header) and starts to drool. He has good taste.