Friday, April 22, 2011

Constant sickness, no sleep, ugh!

Naomi lately has been more vomity than usual. She has always been vomity but in small doses. For a while now she will start to vomit and then vomit through the entire night. As she has no ability to say out loud, "I am going to throw up" I have to stay awake the entire night in case she starts to throw up which will happen every 15-30 minutes through the night. So I'm not doing nothing all night. We all camp out in the living room. Naomi and I on the couch. Bianca and Brian on the floor. The reason we do this is because Brian cannot stay awake all night and then go to work all day, but he also won't wake up if Naomi starts throwing up because as I mentioned no warning. It would be just me, but Bia is still nursing so if I am nursing when Naomi starts I have to yell out to wake Brian to help her. This has happened 3 times in the last month. One of those we do think was a virus because Gwen got it.

We have an appointment with the doctor today. I am not feeling hopeful of anything coming of it. We have noticed that Naomi is a very anxious little girl. We wonder if maybe it is tied to anxiety, but like today there seems to be nothing that would be making her anxious. She gets mad when she can't go to school so I don't think that just school is the culprit. Our other wonder if that maybe its constipation that is hurting her tummy and causing her to throw up. We know this is possible, we just don't know how to tell if that is what is happening. It is really annoying! I recently read about Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. I sure hope its not that because it seems like basically patterned vomiting for long periods of time for no real reason. Back to the anxiety, we have noted that any time we are on a trip or vacation of any sort she gets sick. (One reason we tend to not travel often) This may be because she is anxious about the change in environment or just the stress of traveling or plain excitement about it. Either way its NEVER fun for me! Oddly Brian can look back on these trips and still think of them fondly and remember fun things. I don't have that ability, if she vomits for half of a trip, I only remember that I was miserable being covered in puke or being trapped in a room or wherever with her, and being very worried it might be something spreadable.

We miss out on so much because I can't spread something. Even if its not spreadable I don't take the risk, ever! Its times like these, especially, that I wish we had any sort of family near by. 1 full hour of sleep and the occasional 10 minute snooze just does not cut it to be able to function through a normal day. It'd be great to have some sort of socialization during these times of seclusion. And at the same time I just want to lock myself away for the next week or two to recover!

We also noticed that once this child decides she is going to throw up there is not stopping her. Its almost like she wants to throw up, but I have no idea WHY anyone would want that. She came home last night with a tummy ache. In just trying to determine if she just has a little gas or is going to throw up, just the suggestion makes her do it. Then I often wonder how much of the continued vomited is just from being set off by that one time and then she thinks she needs to keep throwing up, ya know? Its frustrating, and I am very tired!


Amy said...

Ugh, this is so so miserable I'm so sorry! My sister's daughter throws up a lot, mostly because she gags and chokes on anything and anytime she coughs to hard it triggers her gag reflex. Poor girls. I hope you find some kind of solution!

jeanine said...

Oh that's hard!!! Our youngest was doing the same thing... vomiting all the time. I thought it might be an allergy. But sometimes it's just because he's mad. I finally took him to the doctor this week... and he thinks that the cause is reflux. Weird huh? I never thought that could be it... but we got a prescription for the medicine and it's been less than a week and it's already made a huge difference! I read a little bit on it and reflux actually has a lot to do with the digestive system (he was always constipated too)... the medicine has helped with that as well!
Hopefully you find a solution!!!