Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our daily life right now

So here is our schedule:

The girls get up about 8am. I wake up and walk downstairs with a pillow and fall back asleep on the couch until about 10am. They eat granola bars and cheerios and watch Dora. I wake up every half hour to Gwen screaming Dora when a new episode starts. haha. At 10am I will make us all waffles - its one of the only sure things that will stay down. I'll stay up a little bit talking to the girls and making sure they eat ok and get some water into them. At around noon I will usually fall back asleep for an hour or sometimes 2. These "sleeps" are very light and I can hear everything the girls are doing. When I wake up from this next nap I never know what to do. The girls should eat, I should eat, but everything sounds gross. We usually just grab a peanut butter sandwich. By this point the house is a disaster area! Once I get something else in me I can usually eat another little thing after a little bit. Brian comes home around 6 either bringing dinner with him or coming home to make us something. He is always shocked at the mess the girls make. Naomi has been very good at cleaning up the living room once we eat dinner before she goes to bed. We have to talk her through it step by step but she does almost all of the work. Sometimes Gwen will pitch in when the work looks fun. Some evenings I am well enough to get up and pitch in with some of the work like laundry or putting the girls to bed. But most days I just lay there while everything gets done around me. Shouldn't that feel nice? Just sitting there while people do stuff for you? It doesn't! It feels awful!

I went to my first doctor appointment on Monday. I am going to Dr Watts recommended to me by my friend Janine. He seems great so I am excited about that. The visit went well until the ultrasound. I was under the assumption that I was about 10-11 weeks along. The ultrasound showed I was only 8 weeks along. That was quite the bummer for me because I was hoping and hoping that at 12 weeks the morning sickness might subside this time. (Though it was very wishful thinking because the last 2 times it went until at least 20 weeks) So I am majorly bummed that I have more time with this morning sickness. I still have hope but its definitely been dashed quite a bit. Anyway, that puts my due date at around August 21st. We saw the heartbeat which Naomi kept saying looked like the baby was talking.

Naomi was hilarious throughout the appointment. As we left the house she asked me where we were going to put the baby in the car. Poor thing thought the baby was coming home with us that day!! I wish! She did not get the concept that we weren't bringing the baby home until we were leaving. The doctor explained to her why we weren't bringing the baby home and I did many times but she was pretty determined. During the exam I had both of the girls holding my hand so they stayed up by my head. Naomi was so upset that she couldn't go watch what the doctor was doing because she wanted to make sure he didn't hurt me. After we saw the ultrasound and she started to understand that the baby was inside my belly a little better, she thought for awhile and then asked if we could just go visit where the baby is so we could snuggle it a little bit. Naomi desperately wants it to be a little boy. Brian is desperate for another girl because he just loves them and thinks boys would be too hard to handle. I don't really care either way. The doctor made a joke about being ready for another little girl so maybe he has some special intuition. Naomi seemed to think maybe it might be a girl after the ultrasound - she said the heartbeat sounded like a girls' heartbeat.


Nathan & Katelyn said...

naomi sounds like such a cute girl!!! she makes me want to have a girl someday. :) good luck with the morning sickness, thats noooo fun! and that really bites about being less far along... that happened to me with lj.

Robin said...

Early pregnancy- always such a challenge. That's when my kids always get addicted to tv again and I have to wean them once I'm feeling better, and then once the baby comes it's back to tv land:)

You can make it! Naomi sounds so cute about it. I wonder how ISrael will be out next time around-besides demanding a brother:)

rochelle said...

August is a good time for a baby. Sophia was born Aug. 20. Good luck with the morning sickness. I didn't have any with Domenic but had it until about 14 weeks with Sophia. It would hit at random times in the day. I was told to try plain potato chips and ginger ale. It might help.

Alan and Kiersten said...

sounds like my first months of pregnancy with this baby! seriously. it's rough. i can't imagine having TWO and being so sick! naomi is awesome. i love it! i hope you're starting to feel better! hang in there mama!

Jennifer said...

Hey, Brian, you see how much your wife does in a day now that it doesn't get done as much? Yeah, you better, boy.

Oh, Care, I just hate the morning sickness for you. I hate the sleep that feels like you aren't really actually sleeping b/c you know what's going on. Lucky you have some really great kids. If I got pregnant now, I'd have to cage Gabe. I think I'm going to cage him anyway. He's such a pill.

I'm glad you like your doctor and the ultrasound looked good. Claire is August 13th, so please try to come early ;)