Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Names Mind Map

I know its early since I really don't even know how far along I am, but at this point what else can I do but think up names....?

So here are some of the boys name I am liking at this point.

Max Owen
Trevor Marshall
Marshall Oliver
or Owen as a first name

Girl names are easier for us. We have sort of been drawn to Bianca so I have up it with a lot of middle name options, but the middle names are also options for first names mostly.

Bianca Miriam
Bianca Grace
Bianca Mae
Bianca Sophia

Anyway, those are a few to get us started. How about a few opinions...


Alison said...

Bianca Jane
Hannah Jane

(I like Jane ;D )

I really like Trevor Marshall

I am soo excited for you guys!!

Carrie said...

Oh my favorite is also Bianca Jane, but Brian isn't a big fan of Jane in general (though its one of my favorites), plus if we name her that her initials are BJ and that could cause some teasing. I am very cautious of things like that!! Trevor is also one of my faves but Brian isn't big on Trevor yet, but I might be able to convince him...

Alan and Kiersten said...

i like marshall oliver...and for a girl i like bianca mae i think. i like all your choices though! what fun!

Jennifer said...

Girl names are SO easier than boy names! We only had one name we agreed on, so I guess that made it easier in the end.

Your names are so cute. Names are one of the most fun parts of pregnancy.

I'm sorry about the m.s. at Christmas. To be honest, I thought you are up and about a ton. And you handled it very well; I am a crying angry mess when I have m.s.

Love you!

Jennifer said...

Hey, I just visited with a lady at IKEA whose kids were named Owen and Jane. I told her they were on your shortlist.