Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some other sorta fun stuff.

Brian is on the phone (supposed to be doing homework!!) and I am bored even though the girls are still awake and should be sleeping I am bloggin. Look at me, back on the wagon! We are all moved in, I'm still awaiting the hanging of a large shelf over my TV to finish up the place and then I will post all of the pictures in a gigantic montage for you pleasure of viewing. We have loads of boxes from things that Brian needs to take out to the dumpster but I haven't even begun to request that he do that because I know its extremely far fetched that he will get to it in the next month or two as that is how he is. 

We went to Yellowstone this weekend as hinted at in my previous entry. It was actually really fun even though we had to leave early because our tent was leaking ridiculously. Oh, and it rained almost the entire first night! We had a lovely stay in a cabin in the middle of stinkin nowhere in Ashton Idaho with Brian's brother-in-law Morgan. I'll do a whole detailed thing on Yellowstone when I am ready to upload pictures though.

My Mom and Dad gifted us my brother's Honda Civic, and it arrived today in great condition though very dirty, but we at least know exactly why because we drove the same roads that Morgan was driving in Idaho. Oh, Morgan drove it across country for us. He kept thanking me for letting him use it, but goodness we had no idea how we would have gotten it otherwise!We are so excited to have a second car! Plus Naomi is in awe that it is blue! 

Brian is really, really loving his job! He loves the atmosphere, and the company is just really great to its employees. He is getting up every morning at 5:00am to get there at 6:30. He leaves our house at 6am. And he's actually doing it. Brian was the type that 8am classes were way too early and 9am was pushing it! He has two online courses to finish up in the next two weeks I think. He did like 4 assignments yesterday, so I'm hoping he is on track for that. 

I am in the process of planning Gwen's second birthday party!!! I'm super excited for it! I am trying to figure out who to invite as we are in this new place we don't know too many locals. I may just do long time friends and Utah available relatives. I read a blog about creative parties, and I cannot wait to submit my party to their website! Today I am making a Happy Birthday banner in the themed colors of lemon, lime and orange. I was planning on doing it outside, but I may switch my venue for ease of decorating and do it indoors at our new luxurious apartment. 

We took the girls swimming in our clubhouse pool finally. It has been quite chilly and rainy here and it is finally starting to warm up. Naomi loved it even though her entire body was shaking the whole time. She needed her goggles on (which are now already broken so no more goggles for her next time) and she really believes she can swim even though she can't even move herself across the pool while in her floaty. I'm working on getting her to relax her head back into the water, but she is really afraid of water in her eyes so it is hard to convince her. Gwen is already able to kick her feet pretty well and is close to relaxing her head back for floating. Naomi luckily can touch the bottom in half of the pool so she gets to walk around on her own sometimes. 

We opted out of getting cable in our new apartment. So no TV for us! Its nice! We have the antenna thing with the Digital converter box but we get 1 maybe 2 channels, sometimes. So once in awhile the girls get to see PBS Kids. Brian and I just watch stuff in bed on Hulu or Netflix. 

Having a washer/dryer has changed my life entirely. I used to loathe laundry. I think I've done about 1000 loads since we've moved in! Brian is a bit taken back by how often he has all of his clothes available to him. I'm having trouble even waiting for an entire load to be ready. Its lovely! 

The girls love the  patio and garage because I can just open a door and they have a place to play so I can still be accomplishing stuff indoors. 

Ok that is probably enough bored rambling for the day. More to come!


Joan said...

It sounds like you're settling in so nicely! I'm really glad. :)
I owe you an e-mail with an invite!!! It's coming, I promise. :)

Beach Hendersons said...

So happy that things are going well. I'm really excited to see pictures. Patios are the best. Loving your no tv idea. I wish I had the nerve or will to do that.

jeanine said...

It sounds like life is treating you guys well! I'm so glad that Brian likes his job and that you guys love your new place!

Nathan & Katelyn said...

Your new place sounds amazing!!! Can't wait to see pictures. You are such a party planner person, that's awesome, I envy that of you. And... Im soooo jealous of the pool!

Beth said...

I love the updates!! I'm glad things are going well and I hope you continue to enjoy laundry as much as you are now! I can't wait to see your place!

Jennifer said...

It sounds like your new situation is PERFECT for y'all! You sound so cheerful and have such fun stuff going on (including laundry). I'm very proud of Brian getting up and out and loving the job and doing the schoolwork. Impressive. Tell those babies I love them. I can't wait for all the pictures!