Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to Make Marshmellows

Sorry its been so long, I will be blogging again soon! I'll update on all of our fun activities!

Today Naomi decided to tell me how to make marshmellows (because I didn't know how!) 

First, you take some telicious (delicious) cookies. Then you plant them in the garden, then you add a lot of watermelon on top. Then you want to put some watermelon seeds in the ground. You stir it all around in a little big bowl, then put it in the oven. And then its done! Cool it off and that's how you do it! 

Love these instructions!

When we were camping in Yellowstone this weekend Naomi also told us how to make a fire. 

I really can't remember the exact instructions, but it was something like this:
First you put in some sticks and then you put in some marshmellows, then you blow on it and then you have a fire. I know that is not the exact way she put it, but it was something involving marshmellows and was really really simple!

Pictures of the new apartment and Yellowstone, and yes, the girls too will be coming soon!


Beth said...

Welcome back!!! I loved the stories! Keep em comin'!

Jennifer said...

I missed you! What's up with the marshmallow obsession?! Too cute. I can't wait for more. Yellowstone - awesome!