Friday, July 9, 2010

Flower Clips

I finally got the clips I ordered to make the flower clips for the girls. And here is our result! I have about 10 more I can make but I will be taking it quite slow even though they only take about 2 minutes per clip.
From 2010

You can also see that Naomi lost her first tooth yesterday. The tooth fairy came and everything! She told me something about the tooth fairy that I didn't know. Apparently the tooth fairy turns your tooth into sweet dream dust. She was excited to get a dollar for her tooth because she thought she was getting a tooth brush! haha.
From 2010


Brad, Tiffany, and Boys said...

Where did you get the headband part? My mom and I have been looking for some since there are some new grandbabies coming and we LOVE those.

Carrie said...

I actually found these at walmart in the girls clothing section, but I found a website that sells them and the clips for the flowers. I accidentally purchased the 2.5 inch headbands there and they are too thick banded for a kids head.