Monday, June 21, 2010

More baby blankets and tutus.

This is pretty much my life right now. Baby blankets and tutus! I am in the nesting phase but everything I need to nest involves moving big things or painting little details or large rooms so I am pretty much in the wait for Brian to help me on every little thing phase and its annoying!! So that leaves me to baby blankets and tutus. I am going to start making flower clips soon but I want to finish up the sewing I have before purchasing a bunch of flowers and headbands etc. Today, we are lucky enough to have Brian out buying our lawn mower so he can finally mow down the huge weeds we have growing in our backyard so the girls will be able to play out there again! yay! He is encouraged to do this because I said if he does it he can purchase the grill he wants for his Father's Day present. Its a shame, I know, he has to work to get his present! We have still not finished putting together a single room in the whole house. Each room is waiting for something in another room to get done before organizing or setting stuff up so its like a giant construction zone here. I know, i know I only have 56 more days until Bianca is born. I keep reminding Brian that we have to start picking up the pace! So once we get a whole room finished I will post pictures! I need for it all to start coming together! I hate being unorganized like this! Anyway, here are some blankets I made and tutus I made for the girls. I am seriously considering selling the tutus, but I won't be able to start that until a bit after Bianca is born. But I still love seeing all the colors possibilities!!
From 2010

So you probably think, "oh another Gwen doesn't smile picture", but in reality this is her Project Runway modeling pose! I don't know where she gets these things, but they crack me UP!
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Shafers in Virginia said...

Those are really cute baby blankets! How do you make them or are you going to sell any? I want some cute baby blankets! I love the fabric you pick.

Carrie said...

Thanks! They are really easy! I just sew the opposite sides together leaving the small opening to turn them right side out. Then I iron all the edges flat and then sew a border around the whole edge to make sure to sew up the small opening. So simple! My machine has lots of stitches so that is how I pick for the ones that have cute stitchings. And now I can go check out your blog! =o)

Chanda said...

So cute. I'd buy your tutus and blankets. Carrie, I wish you were around to help me! I'm on the look out for throw pillows for my living room in Zambia. Nothing to buy here--so I've been searching the internet. I know if I were in the states I'd find what I want in a day.

Carrie said...

Chanda, what are you looking for?? I love throw pillow searches! I have been on one for months now and finally found what I want. I am going to make two more to match too at some point.

Alan and Kiersten said...

girl you're out of control! in a good way! i need to learn to sew! and you totally should sell these!

Jennifer said...

Love the blankets, love the tutus, love the new blog look, love it all. I can't believe how far along you are! It really flies when you are in a different state and, you know, not the one pregnant ;)