Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am into Pink, Ya think?

Naomi's Curtains: First time sewing EVER! Whew! I was proud and very excited! My friend Janine helped me buy what I needed to get started and showed me some of the basics of operating the machine. It seriously sat in my living room for weeks because I was terrified and overwhelmed about using it. I had no idea where to begin. I went to Joanns about 4 times and just walked around slack jawed because I was overwhelmed. Thank goodness she was so willing to help! Its really not scary at all once you operate the machine and figure out what the parts do! So these curtains are just pink so it looks like a blob of fabric but the material was so easy to work with and made the edges look better than I think I really did.
From Sewing
Gwen's curtains: I wanted to get these hung up and take pictures of the whole project, but here is the basic idea of it. It will hang and be all white in the middle with the black edging. I had no idea how to really use the binding so I made it up. I watched some how-to's since so next time should be better.
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First Blanket: I love chenille! I think that this is quite a muted look for me. I really love doing the blankets. They are so easy to do. The hardest part for me in blankets is cutting. Any tips on cutting to make my corners squared up properly? I want to cut better!
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From Sewing

Second Blanket: I love this one. My girls are historically hot babies so thinner blankets are important for us. Naomi picked the star stitch for the border. She is very excited about the borders!
From Sewing
From Sewing

Third Blanket: I am in LOVE with this one! First of all, its soft EVERYWHERE, secondly its hot hot pink, and third, I think I did pretty good with it considering the stretching fabric. I am glad that I remembered to use the walking foot on the outer edging because I forgot on the inner sewing and that was difficult and frustrating.
From Sewing
From Sewing

Burp Cloth: I did this today in 5 minutes and it was a bust. It doesn't look so bad from a distance and its still useful, but goodness I messed up about 400 times on it! So never look closely at it! I will do better next time. I think I got carried away with the ease of it and forgot to pay attention to some important factors.
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Janadt.Huggins said...

Carrie, it all looks lovely! Thanks for posting. I was so excited to see your projects. Are you guys still in UT? I believe you are. I'm coming to visit there this summer and would love to see you and meet your girls.

Jon and Chelle said...

AmAzInG!! Love them all!! And, I never cut blankets/quilts without my rotary's a straight cut life saver!! Jon would argue that I also never use my rotary cutter without slicing open a finger...but that is a whole other story!!

Nathan & Katelyn said...

everything looks AMAZINGGGGG!!! Im very impressed! Isnt sewing addictive?? :)

Janetpiper said...

Glad your enjoying sewing. Everything looks great. Can't wait to see them in person.

Carlee Dynes said...

Good job! I'm jealous you have a walking foot, I totally want one.

Alan and Kiersten said...

you're so creative! i seriously need to learn to sew. i love all these projects! i love the blog makeover too by the way!

youhana said...