Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Christmas Present

My brother Ian got me a Flip Mino for Christmas. I opened it when it came because I hadn't heard of it before and wanted to see what it was. As it is a new toy I am still trying to figure out the appropriate length of time for videos and what I should take videos of. Mostly for my family I just took some videos of the girls talking about general stuff. Gwen honestly does talk a lot more than is evident in the following clips. While watching the videos Gwen always points to herself and yells out "My GG". Funny!


Two failed attempts at thank you Uncle Ian. I don't know why kids can't say Ian. Its two letters put together to form a word! E-N. Frustrating! video



Any tips for adding videos to blogger? Right now I just have them in a folder on the desktop and I upload them using the video button on blogger. Is there a better way?


Kaitlyn said...

We use for our video uploads. You just upload the video, and Vimeo will give you a link to embed in your html. It's really simple, and the video quality is wonderful. Good luck.

Ian said...

Pink Lemonabe! It's not just kids who have trouble with my name. There are quite a few adults who call me Ann. I don't know any better way to upload videos onto blogger, but you may or may not have an easier time uploading directly from FlipShare to Facebook. I know it's nice to have the video on your blog, but if it is easier through facebook, then maybe you could just post on your blog that you have a new video on facebook.

Ian said...

Also, I'm pretty sure Gwen called me Uncle Dan.

Joan said...

Oh how fun!! No suggestions, though. I'm video-challenged for sure.

Alan and Kiersten said...

great gift! i want one! cute girls! i love hearing them talk since we usually just see pics! i have heard people use photobucket or youtube and then embed it into the post. which i tried but unless i'm doing something wrong, it takes me just as long to upload videos to those sites as it does blogger. sorry, i'm not really any help.

Ben and Annalee said...

your girls are so grown up and cute! kylee has that same dress gwen has on