Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Naomi wants her hair cut short. I have no problem with this! I think I will enjoy washing short hair instead of her almost 18" of locks!

I am thinking maybe Alice Cullen?

Or perhaps Katie Holmes?

She still thinks that these looks are too long! Can you believe her???


Jennifer said...

Claire loves her hair short. It's well overdue for a cut, so when I get it done, I'll send a picture. Wait, I'll send her old cut picture now. She likes it SHORT. So do I, though.

Nay may not think it is too long once it is on her. Of course, she may be thinking boy-short.

Chelle Ellsworth said...

I chopped my hair the end of October and I love it and I don't know if I'll really ever want to grow it out! You HAVe to post pictures of your cutey Naomi after the cut!