Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We somehow survived!

We have returned to Utah after our week and a half long trip to NJ. I am not sure how much I'm prepared to blog today, but I figured I would at least start and see where it takes me. 

The plane rides really were not that bad. If I talk about them I tend to complain, but it wasn't the worst experience ever. It had an end in sight at least. I can safely say I will not be traveling by myself with the two girls anytime soon. I think it would be really fun if Naomi and I could go on  a trip by ourselves. She is a great traveler! That extra 20 lbs of Gwen made for the hectic spots and walking was just SLOW! We made it safely, we were doing well. We got to go to church the first Sunday. It was nice to briefly see a few people. 

Sunday evening I got sick! A stomach flu has been going around the area. My dad and Ian watched the girls while I laid down. I was hoping it might be brief or at least get better with a little rest. Well, I was wrong! At around 7 or 8pm Naomi started vomiting. The next 2 days was all of the household lounging around with the flu! Even Gwen got it. We were finally feeling better and got out of the house. I at least was able to purchase some new clothes. (The joke on me was that my pants ripped open while on the plane - I didnt' know it until I got to NJ)

I spent one day out of the house with my friend Nikki and her son Benson. I have yet to hear if he actually got the stomach flu or not....Hopefully not!! My grandmother was visiting when I got sick - she got it, and it spread to my aunt's house from her. And just yesterday my other grandmom got it. 

Then it was Friday. We went out shopping, hoping to buy my mom some curtains for her bedroom. Naomi had occasionally complained of stomach pain which was actually weird because she never complains that her stomach hurts. I assumed it was just leftover from the flu. She started crying and saying it really hurt so we headed back home. After crying for 2 hours straight she requested that we take her to the doctor. Of course, the NJ doctor would not see her because we have out of state medicaid. So to the ER we went! 

Naomi had not started eating again properly since being sick. She would nibble, but she would either pretend like she was going to throw up or actually make herself throw up after every meal. They did an X-ray on her stomach to check for kidney stones or anything else like that. They eventually took her blood and had to do a catheter to get urine to test. It took forever. I spoke to 4 people the entire time we were there and not a single one of them seemed to be listening to what I was telling them. They assumed she was there because of the flu. No one would hear me say that she was over the flu for a few days now. Finally they understood she was there for PAIN. I HATE that doctors always complain that WE (the people) need to tell them everything so that they can make a proper diagnosis. Well what is the point of that? Why did I have to repeat everything 4-5 times to the same people when I can clearly see that they are not listening to me. I might as well have just let them look at her without telling them anything. It would have taken just as long for them to get to the point they finally got to. I make a point to try and give them as much information as possible because I know that everything can be affected by something else or some symptom. 

So the doctor wanted to admit her overnight because the fear was appendicitis. Her bloodwork came back that there was some sort of infection, too. Unfortunately, the hospital we were at did not admit children under 10 years of age. So we had to be transfered to the Regional hospital to the pediatric unit. Naomi got to ride in an ambulance! I think she liked it because she wanted to go home in it. We went to the ER at 4pm and were not admitted to the Regional hospital until midnight. They are only about 20 minutes apart. Naomi actually slept ok. She was on fluids all night long and throughout the next day. 

I stayed with her at the hospital while Gwen went home with my mom for her first sleep over ever! She actually slept for her! The entire week was a struggle with sleep because of all the being sick. But she only woke up once for my mom! 

The funny part about the hospital visit was that our daytime nurse was my best friend from K-2 grade! She came in to check on Naomi at about 8am. We were still sleeping. She introduced herself and started explaining what we would be doing. I did a double take when I recognized her! How funny is that? Naomi was fine to go home after dinner. I think she was just severely dehydrated and hungry! 

We spent Sunday resting up from the experience. So then it was Monday and time to go home. The entire trip the girls were so whiny and out of their element. Gwen wanted to be held every waking and sleeping minute! Naomi would wake up in the morning and cry because she wanted to go home. They both really missed Daddy! 

The ride home was a little better than the ride out. I had a few nice people offer help. Gwen was the first person to see Brian. She got excited and ran right over to him. They were happy with him until it was time to go home. He got each girl a pair of sunglasses. 

My luggage did not come off of the plane. I thought it was lost, and I was poised to be so upset! You have to pay for every suitcase now, and I was not prepared to not have everything I owned after such an awful, sick week. We, luckily, were able to just look through the excess luggage that was not collected without filing a claim. And there were our suitcases! They had come in on a plane 2 hours before ours! Weird huh? We got home, put the girls down, and I fell asleep! 

So, once again, I will not be traveling without Brian anytime soon! It definitely too much work for me!


Beth said...

Oh my goodness that sounds like the furthest thing from a vacation! I'm sorry that you were all sick and that Naomi had to be in the hospital! So sad! We will get together soon, for sure. Love you

Nathan & Katelyn said...

Well props to you Carrie, I can't imagine traveling with 2 kids. I traveled back home to Jersey alone with Ethan and it was pure heck! The kids 26lbs and can't walk... I agree, I will never travel alone again! I'm glad everyone is better though :)

Alison said...

Im glad to hear that atleast some of your time with spent with family and friends and not all of it with the flu. And who likes going to the ER? Yuck! I'm glad everything is better now though.

Nikki, Ben, and Ben's Son... said...

I'm glad I was one of the good parts of your trip! I was hoping it would go better for you than it did, so you'd come back again before I move. It just gives me an excuse to come visit you once I get settled into WA. I miss you already!!

Jennifer said...

Holy freaking crap. I mean, HOLY FREAKING CRAP. I would've lost it. You are superwoman. You really are. And I'm so glad that everyone is better and Nay Nay is just fine. That is so scary. Why do these things always happen when Daddy isn't around?? (Charlotte was diagnosed w/ bronchitis today, and Andy is out of town.)

Chanda said...

Wow Carrie. Awful. It sounds like the first Ruggles reunion at the Girl Scount Camp. Isn't it so nice to be home? It's my favorite part of travelling--coming home.

Chanda said...

Wow Carrie. Awful. It sounds like the first Ruggles reunion at the Girl Scount Camp. Isn't it so nice to be home? It's my favorite part of travelling--coming home.