Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Pottery

From 2009
Brian's mug is the "watermelon" on the left. He says 
this wasn't what he intended it to look like. We'll 
have to go back and try again! Yay! The entire 
inside of his is the bright orange-y color. Mine is 
the grey and green with red vines. I did all of the 
vining in a matter of minutes! We realized it was 
time to leave, but I hadn't even started on the vines. 
Next time they can be more thought out.


Nathan & Katelyn said...

Cute!!! Nathan and I went to Color me Mine when we were 1st engaged and made each other plates. Of course mine looks better than his :) but I still love the plate he made me! We also went and made a cereal bowl for ethan when we found out we were pregnant! That place is tons of fun!!

Janetpiper said...

I love the mugs. Sounds like a fun thing to do.

Jessica said...

I love them both. You guys are so cute!

Alison said...

Cute!! I don't think mike would be in to that sort of thing. I'm glad you guys had fun!

Mallory said...

that is such a good idea for a date-- thanks for posting these pics, they turned out great even in the time crunch!